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Off topic comments on the successful the uncouth longshots thread


Thanks @mlmrob very much appreciated from a highly respected and successful poster. Thank you very much

@mick I'm nothing special, I don't get to congratulate as many posters as I'd like as I'm not on the forum enough but there are many I would like to as they are regularly putting up excellent work which is often rewarded by winners. This forum is absolutely loaded with hard working, creative and downright interesting posters which puts my efforts into context. I'm very happy you think I'm something unusual but I can assure you you could go onto any of the threads here and find someone just as polite and respectful and in fact more so. Thank you very much and your words have cheered me up today so doubly thank you

Today intrepidly won 33/1 2nd candelisa 13/8f 3rd divine messenger 10/3

It's okay to be wrong and it's much better to be wrong when your horses are at least trying

Good luck tomorrow
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Thanks @mlmrob , very much appreciated. Thank you again

Today won caltex 9/4f 2nd clondaw westie 10/3 3rd leskinfere 10/1

I'm not being greedy but I'd have liked troubled soul to win. I think troubled souls should win sometimes

Now 10pts outlay 3.25pts profit to sp and 60% of races won

Good luck tomorrow


The common race today is the 8.30 Chelmsford I think. I've looked at this race and neither of my top 2 pass my minimum composite probability limit so I'll not risk this on the tipping comp but I consider this a learning thread so here goes.

Chelmsford 8.30 c6 std 1m2f


I can only lose 2pts so I'll give it a go

Good luck today


3.20 senior citizen won 13/8f 2nd rizzardo 9/4

This evening 7.45 Southall c5 std 1m

Only one horse passes the minimum
Lightning attack

Good luck this evening