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Off topic comments on the successful the uncouth longshots thread


Got 3rd and 4th yesterday

Trying again

Kempton 6.45 c3 std/slw 2m

Busy street
All yours

Probably be stuffed by scaramanga as Nichols doesn't have many flat runners but does well with them. Also the spread from it as favourite and the 2nd favourite is massive

Good luck today


Yesterday all yours won 6/1 2nd carwennan 12/1 3rd fearless warrior 8/1

Today Musselburgh 3.20 c2 soft 3m2f

Keeper hill
Fred the foot

Missing out a well supported favourite so not hopeful

Good luck today


Today Carlisle 4.00 c3 soft 2m5f

Haul us in

I think only talkofgold is worth changing and that on the 2tbp market

Good luck today


Thanks @The Uncouth, I am doing better than normal but recently the results have been against me. I bet reeves last night and it ran a mare, I thought it was perfect. Perfection isn't tolerated in the real world but it's fine to get it wrong though I'd like to get it right a bit more often!

Today Huntingdon 3.05 c2 gs 2m3.5f

Tea clipper
Messire des obeaux

I think mdo is perfect again so that's one to avoid. The race is likely to go to tc barring chaos intervening

Good luck today
Gosh I hope you are right about Yuften.
Selected it on my thread.

The only thing that I slightly worry about is its age, 9 years old.
Currently 20/1.

Good luck Hedgie :)


I've got a small sample but enough to realise I'm making a loss to sp, just about breaking even at bfsp. I'm not thinking that will change. I'm putting a lot of emphasis on going, which the trainer has to live with, and OR which the trainer has some control of. I'll go forward from now putting equal emphasis on weight range, +/- 4lbs as I think that is a trade-off with OR that the trainer has to make with a race.

Does this make sense?

Nothing running today so good luck tomorrow

And I must disagree with you, I think your recent results are the best I have seen from you whilst I have been here.
You have been consistent....if not winning, then placing.

I look forward to see what is yet to come:)


Thanks @The Uncouth , yes I am doing better than I normally do but not good enough to profit from it. I've been in this situation before and I either have to improve my strike rate or reduce my number of bets. I'm trying to do the former as I prefer having more than 1 horse running for me.

Tomorrow Wolverhampton 7.40 c2 std 1m1.5f


I've not bet but I'm hopeful about Felix

Good luck tomorrow


Thanks for all the likes @arkle55 but I'm not sure what you are saying well done about as at best I'm breaking even. Thanks again

Today plumpton 3.45 C4 hvy 2m1f

Finnegan's garden

Good luck today