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Off topic comments on the successful the uncouth longshots thread


Thanks @mick and @Boots, nice to get some right if only partially but not today though as both were non runners.

The last time I looked @Boots your threads were doing very well, congratulations on your success.

I'm beginning to realise that being wrong is okay which I think is a big step for me

Good luck tomorrow and thanks again


Well done @Ferdy with getting the 1 2 in your top 3

Thanks @The Uncouth , I sometimes have these purple patches but generally it all comes to a grinding halt pretty quickly. Thanks again

Yesterday Gulliver won 9/2 2nd wasntexpectingthat 11/4f and reverse forecast Landed but not bet

Today Leicester 3.45 c3 hvy 2m4f

Prairie town
Catamaran du seuil

Good luck today


Yesterday had to settle for 2nd and 4th

Won admirals secret 5/1 2nd catamaran du senior 4/1jf 3rd aintree my dream 4/1jf

Today wincanton 2.20 c3 soft 3m1f

The king's writ

Good luck today


Had to settle for 2nd and 5th today

Results worthy farm won 3/1jf 2nd the king's writ 14/1 3rd moving in style 3/1jf

Can't say I'm perturbed as both 2nds recently led and were collared at the last but were well clear of the 3rd, I can at least assume they were both trying