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Hello people of this web site I wonder if some one could make scene of the odd's on HRB web site
Perth 2.10 odds on HRB 0.35 next horse 5.00 then next horse 14.00
Perth 3.45 1.75 2.00 6.00
Plumpton 4.55 1.00 1.38 6.50
Plumpton 5.25 1.38 1.75 7.00
Kilbeggan 5.45 1.65 2.00 8.00
Chepstow 6.05 0.57 4.00 8.00
Kilbeggan 6.45 2.75 6.50 8.00
Plumpton 6.55 1.63 1.75 7.00
Chepstow 7.40 1.50 1.63 6.00
Kilbeggan 8.15 0.80 5.00 8.00
Perth 2.10 win 79% place 80%
Perth 3.45 win 13% place 41%
Plumpton 4.55 win 43% place 77%
Plumpton 5.25 win 33% place 58%
Kilbeggan 5.45 win35% place 68%
Chepstow 6.05 win 27% place 56%
Kilbeggan 6.45 win 16% place 48%
Plumpton 6.55 win 29% place 59%
Chepstow 7.40 win 27% place 56%
I just wonder if WE could use this to go forward as a team?


Hi @Ian Nichols . I presume you mean use the historical % of the fav winning each race against the actual odds available ? - in this case the 2:10 race looks to have an unusually high % of favourites winning ?
Not the sort of thing I would look to do, but an interesting thought. Maybe look to see how many years the records go back, and then try to come up with a hypothesis why certain races should yield a higher than usual proportion of favourites winning (for example a particular trainer may target this particular race each year ?)