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MySql help

I have imported results in to MySql , but during my last update I forgot to put the word Class in front of the class number when changing the Irish results
to reflect the UK equivalent.

So in my column race_class it will say for example 4 instead of Class 4 , how do I change this in MySql.
Try this

You can update the values in the race_class column by using the UPDATE statement in MySQL along with the CONCAT() function to prepend the word "Class" to the existing values. Here's how you can do it:

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UPDATE your_table_name
SET race_class = CONCAT('Class ', race_class)
WHERE race_class NOT LIKE 'Class %';

Replace your_table_name with the name of your table where the race_class column exists. This query will update all rows where the race_class does not already start with "Class ".

Make sure to take a backup of your data before running any update queries, especially if you're unsure about the impact it might have.