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My Football Strategy


Welcome to my thread.

I will be posting my bets on a strategy that I have devised.
  1. I will research games that have a strong likelihood of goals
  2. I will then Lay the Draw for these selection of games.
  3. As soon as a goal is scored, I Back the Draw to remove liability for a risk free trade.
  4. Depending on the game, I will either do a partial cash out to guarantee profit, if the underdog scores and the market is expecting goals I will back the Leader, or cash out J
Hope you follow along J
Good luck J JMEHTA With LTD strategies it's crucial to pick the right games - not always possible to get out after the 1st goal with a profit or scratch - especially if the underdog scores as you will be aware.
paulb164 paulb164 has a LTD thread ongoing if you look him up - although he generally sees the games out - with no trading. Might be of interest to you.

My personal angle on this, and favourite method, is to back the Draw after the 1st goal and trade out if it becomes a draw. Games where goals are expected and end result looks likely to be something along the lines of 2-2. So I will be interested in the games you select.