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Losing weight


Since July I have stopped eating bread, potatoes and all sweet snacks, went from 102.7 kg to 77.2 kg, loss of 4st. No exercise(very bad back)
Couple of days before Christmas came off the diet and started eating all the above for 10 days over the festive period, I lasted 3 days and the pain in my abdomen forced me back on the diet , now gone from eating these things every day to not being able to tolerate them , I didn’t even enjoy them except the potatoes that were delicious. Over the 6 months chronic acid reflux that kept me awake every night has disappeared completely, high blood pressure has corrected itself completely, one thing I was hoping for was an improvement in chronic back pain caused by bulging and leaking discs i damaged 20 years ago but unfortunately my back is just as bad .
Overall I would now say I was poisoning myself with bread and sugar and anyone thinking of going on a diet in the new year start by cutting out these foods and see how you get on. Btw in those 3 days I came off it I put 5lb back on !


Good for you mate on the diet. My wife has Barrett's and has already had two different cancers (one up on me, always has to have the last word) so it's a concern, anything you can do to avoid it is worth doing even without other benefits. I totally agree with the idea of avoiding exercise as well, but to be perfectly honest my reasoning on that point is on much shakier ground.

I know how hard it can be to struggle against yourself when it comes to dieting, not me personally but again the better half, so the best of luck keeping it up in the future. Access to good veg and fruit can be an incentive, at 65 I discovered Squash is actually edible! (I know many people already knew that, but I'm very traditional in outlook and always regarded it with some suspicion until my wife roasted some).



Perhaps i am fortunate but i have never acquired the taste for the majority of what are deemed unhealthy foods. I actually like and enjoy fresh fruit and Veg. Although just to put the record straight i also like my Cigars and now pushing 68 here i still am so sod the Doctors. :bigboss:
Brilliant results / discipline O Outlander.

Never smoked & a very light drinker (boring I know).

Currently 12st 10 lbs which has been the norm for sometime but have small tits that bounce when I attempt to jog & a gut.

I eat far too much bread, love cakes / chocolate & have sugar or honey in my coffee / tea.

Drink on non work days 5-6 cups a day.

Do however eat loads of veg' and some fruit but not enough.

The thought of cutting out the bad stuff = ouch.

Having major problems with my hamstrings & calves, ie - always cramping up.

And the knees are knackered.
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Hi all
Been a veggie for most of my life and now a vegan .I am not one of these fussy buggers though I just like a plate of veg followed by a bowl of fruit with Soya milk.Yum Yum.Its a good way to loose weight but you must take vitamin b12 as a well.


I think beer is one of the worse things for putting on weight but if you have enough so that you can't keep owt down it balances things out nicely in the end.
I think beer is one of the worse things for putting on weight but if you have enough so that you can't keep owt down it balances things out nicely in the end.
Hi Tacker,
A mate of mine went up to 16 stone he gave up bread...which enabled him to keep drinking...he managed to get to 13.5.
There is a moral there somewhere :) :) :)