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Lexicon Likes

I'm going Certificate - 3.20 GW and Sovereign Bounty - 4.55 Bev.

Recently I've often wondered what it is with Suzis Connoisseur. The horse has never won in a field of more than 10 runners yet regularly appears in these very competitive races with very big fields.
Feels like coming back from the dead posting on this thread.
I find myself hung up on the 3.30 at Newcastle . I'm quite keen on Volition, with Stoute showing a 57% strike rate for the course, but then I notice Holiday Magic lurking at the foot of the handicap - 10lbs below the highest winning handicap mark, seemingly being supported today, and now on the AW (Tapeta). But then I notice all previous wins have been on Polytrack - 3 from 6 going right handed, only 1 from 10 going left handed, and 0 from 6 on a straight course - enough to make you wonder if today is the day - or maybe not ?

I'll give the race a miss - and instead have my 20p on Stoute's other one - Textured - in the previous race - interesting booking of Gibbons (decent track record) perhaps, and a far more interesting price. :)
The 5.15 at wolver takes my fancy today. Form analysis (for me , at least) says I'll be supporting Distant Past.
However I notice Suzis Connoisseur being introduced to the A/W - in a field of 11 runners - only one over max. size for success to date for Suzi's. Given the Trainer the market might be interesting, and I'll probably have a small saver anyway. :)
Hi @NigelRG ,
Interesting what you say there and food for thought.

As far as Suzi's concerned, I wondered (afterwards) since it has a bit of quality if it might be aimed at something more valuable on the A/W. Don't really know how it responded to the ground / track - RP is s bit short on comments. Interesting it went off at 10/1 though (I got 16's earlier). Probably worth a watch.
Thanks for the "good luck" @Bill - I need all the help I can get ! FK seems to have run quite well - so perhaps the intention was there on the trainers part.

Bit speculative today - Clenymistra - 2.45 Thirsk - could be Tudhope may bring about improvement on the last run.