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Laying NH Odds-On Favs.


Sun. 3/11

12.-50. Hunt. Ballyellis...W (- £6.60)
12.45. Carl. Faustinovick.
2.30. Carl. Lostintranslation.
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Tues. 5/11. Had an early hospital appointment today so am only just looking. Seems there was one today -

1.10 Ext. - Cat Tiger...W ( - £9.20)


23/10 to 11/11.

Total bets - 23

Total no. of winners (lay losses) 16 (minus £91.20)
Total no. of losers (lay wins) 7 (plus £66.50)
Overall loss - £24.70.

Less than 2.5 points down after laying all qualifiers isn't too serious. When you consider that some of them were true odds-on shots and their price acurately reflected their actual chances of winning.

Everythings easier in hindsight of course but there at least 5 of these I definitely would not have layed was I betting eg. Champ and Santini amongst others, as they looked true odds-on chances to me.

Still, I'll carry on recording all qualifiers irrespective of my personal opinion.
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Weds. 13/11.

1.15 Bang. Augusta Gold.
1.40 Ayr. Lossiemouth.
3.30 Bang. Navajo Pass.
4.10 Exe. Queens Cave.