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    Ark Royal
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kennys tipping service

Hi all,
I have given a few tips on here but I would like to invite all members of the bettongforum to join my tipping service.These are my paid for tips and are amazing value for money.
This is how it works.Send me your email and I will send you the tips the morning of the race.The service has never made a loss.
There are around 12 advices per week.Last week I had eleven 50/1 winners and a couple of 100/1 winners and two losers.
My terms are very fair I charge only £500 a week but if you want to subscribe for a year I will do you a special deal at £10,000 for the whole year.
Here's what some satisfied customers have said
Hi Ken,thanks for an amazing service seventy four 20/1 winners in one day quite exceptional even for you.
Ken you are the Genius of the turf since subscribing to your service I have just bought my third Aston Martin after years of driving an Allegro...
Ken I was on a loosing streak of twenty years until I subscribed to your wonderful service,now I have Champers for breakfast dinner and tea.I have placed and extra £1.50 on my usual £500 weekly subscription so you can buy yourself a cup of Tea.
What a wonderful day ken,you went through the card at every meeting and your advised giant accy has just won me 136 million quid for a pound.Yours is the best service by far and you are a genius of the turf etc etc

All the above are quite genuine so if you want to join just let me know...but hurry places are limited to 500,000 so first come first served.
Yours in sport
Honest Ken the bookie pounder.
small print
ps subscriptions are non refundable so if you are not happy with my service just piss off