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Attention.. 5-30 NO NAY BELLA 20/1 I’m thoroughly expecting a massive improvement tonight from this animal. Nice easy introduction showed that there is lots of ability there. A definite decent each way bet on this at 20/1... first 3 is highly expected. Few that could be anything but this I feel is worth the bet.
Good luck 😉


6-00 BRUISA 5/1 is a smashing price here. I can see this going very close in this and I’m wagering a 2 point win


6-30 LETHAL SHADOW 8/1 looks the part here and a nice price for handicap debut. I’m really liking this and going 2 point win


@Saturn5, you seem to like running loss recovery staking when you post here. Maybe in future it might be useful to let us know what sort of bank you are starting with, as the points staked do seem to increase rather rapidly.
Good luck with your latest one, but it looks like you have blown the best part of fifty points very quickly from an initial stake suggesting a much smaller safety net