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VDW Just a few thoughts VDW or otherwise.

wee les

Yes Chesham good to hear from you it been a long time, went football supporting good to see your keeping everyone right...have you spoke to Walter?

wee les

Going to put a VDW block up on a Saturday and through the week if possible just like I did years ago, liked the patter picked up good ways of doing things, maybe catch Walter, see some of the old names still here. Retired now and miss watching the racing so see how it goes


Ascot 2:10 1 Kew Gardens 2 Stradivarius 3 Royal Line
Ascot 2:45 1 Sun Maiden 2 Star Catcher 3 Anapurna
Ascot 3:20 1 Benbatl 2 1:30 3 Phoenix Of Spain
Ascot 4:00 1 Magical 2 Regal Reality 3 Coronet
Ascot 4:40 1 Kynren 2 Lord North 3 Kick On

Ascot 2:10 1 Stradivarius 2 Royal Line 3 Withhold
Ascot 2:45 1 Star Catcher 2 Anapurna 3 Antonia De Vega
Ascot 3:20 1 The Revenant 2 Benbatl 3 Mohaather
Ascot 4:00 1 Coronet 2 Addeybb 3 Fox Tal
Ascot 4:40 1 Kynren 2 Lord North 3 Coolagh Forest

2:10 Place prices all too tight for me
2:45 Sun Maiden is the only decent price in the top three. I make her the class horse, only just failing on her position in the forecast.The going and track could be a problem , but the trainer seems happy to run her. Small win loaded place.
3:20 Century Dream was placed in this last season so track, and going shouldn't be a problem. Small win loaded place
4:00 & 4:40 place prices to tight except for Kick On, after a good look I decided to give him a miss.

Be Lucky

wee les

Data protection ran a very good 83 top speed lto 7 points above its bhr and RPR of10 points above, it won its race comfortably a good fav to start the week 10/3 yir cash



Just getting over a bad turn. Hopefully it I will have a brake from it now!!

Chelt 3:00 1 Monsieur Lecoq 2 Quel Destin 3 Dame De Compagnie 4 Mohaayed

Mohaayed small win loaded place

While I was lying in bed I decided to change thing a little. The basics are still the same just a little tweak.

Probables 1 Dame De Compagnie 2 Quel Destin 3 De Mazzaro

Be Lucky
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Hay 2:25 1 Flash The Steel 2 Sykes 3 Lisnagar Oscar
Ascot 3:20 1 Diego Du Charmil 2 Knocknanuss 3 Imperial Presence.

Hay 2:25 1 Flash The Steel 2 Sirobbie 3 Mega Yeats
Ascot 3:20 1The Last Day 2 Diego Du Charmil 3 Imperial Presence

Hay 2:25 1 Flash The Steel 2 Sykes 3 Lisnagar Oscar
Ascot 3:20 1 Diego Du Charmil 2 Knocknanuss 3 Imperial Presence

Hay 2:25 1 Flash The Steel, stable in good form, doubt/worry is the distance and track as most of his wins have been on flatter tracks. Although he does have reasonable form on a stiffer track (in a lower class). Sykes Looks to prefer flatter courses c& distance winner but a fair bit to find class wise. Lisnagar Oscar a lot to find class wise but is a course and distance winner
Ascot 3:20 Diego Du Charmil clear class form horse. Could be argued he was a little lucky last timeout.Course. ,distance and going shouldn't be a problem. Knocknanuss seems to prefer going left handed, and a doubt the going is't quite right. Imperial Presence third best on the figures but a long time since top class form. Track also raises a few questions as most of his wins have been on flatter course.
Flash The Steel and Diego Du Charmil place double.

Be Lucky


Newb 2:25 1 Scarlet Dragon 2 Elvis Mail 3 Beat The Judge
Newb 3:00 1 Elegant Escape 2 Cabaret Queen 3 Ok Corral

Newb 2:25 1 Elvis Mail 2 Antunes 3 Scarlet Dragon
Newb 3:00 1 Cabaret Queen 2 Ok Corral 3 Borice

Newb 2:25 Scarlet Dragon Close second rated, but lot/most of his better wins have been right handed. seems to prefer softer going, so going and distance should be no problem. Can run well fresh. Elvis Mail another who likes soft(er) going, distance should be no problem. Has to improve a fair bit class wise.Beat The Judge class horse (just) but seems to have lost it's form. Both form runs have been at Kempton. Can act on any going but best run has been on good going last time out.
Newb 3:00 Elegant Escape second in this last season. distance and going no problem and for me the clear class horse. Can handle flat or undulating courses. Stable in form. Cabaret Queen three wins to her name but hasn't registered on d/base . Could well be wrong but feel market position is more down to the trainer/jockey combination. Ok Corral on my figures has plenty to find class wise. Likes Kempton but little or no form on other top class tracks.

Elegant Escape small win loaded place. Elegant Escape & Scarlet Dragon place double.

In my last post the "like" seems to be missing!

Be lucky


Hi @mtoto

All the best with landing your Small Win and loaded place On Elegant Escape..

Comes from the Charlie Hall Chase and you could have Blindly backed any of the first 3 from that race in past years and made a profit . Looks a class race to come from with regards form