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The more I think about it the more I think we are not ready for this way of betting took me years to come up with these ideas and joe public may not be ready 😂 what is second nature to may not be be to others


what is second nature to may not be be to others

as i'm no longer in the UK, i'm very limited to my access with in-play. I suspect it'd go very quickly over my head though. I'm sure there are people out there crying out for what you have created though, you just gotta find'em. Good luck.


T tacker nothing like that tbh it has intervals using an API
Not like what ?
I've no idea what API is but do recall the name "INPLAYKING" , we discussed it on gg.com or at least others did and as i say there was something on the olbg forum, probably nothing to do with you just a coincidence.
Good luck with it anyway.


T tacker owww thought you meant the software there was something like lol... Yes the name was probably used before. Not luck I need tbh just pure numbers day in day out fetches the 🥓


Question for the experts in here.

Given that in-play betting (from the bookmakers point of view) is done with software based on time left to play, current score etc ... do you find that the odds are a little emotionless ... ? I mean do they take into account things like ebb and flow, yellow cards, substitutions, injuries etc. Does the bookies software that is moving the odds take into account everything in your opinion, or is this where the advantage moves to people who are watching the game or using software to interpret what is happening in the game.
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What i would like to do is give 10 lifetime memberships away through the gents on the forum.

Basically i want people to use the software and come up with systems that are profitable as a forum i am sure we can come up with all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to find profitable ways to make money from betting inplay.

Did you get the full 10 users for this footysystems footysystems ? I have just got a betting account that gives me access to inplay betting again and am in the process of trawling lots of stats sites to look for a way forward. I'd be happy to throw lots of ideas at the wall in the forums until I find something that sticks if you'd be willing to have me.