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Industry tipsters next time out

I'm going to test something here that I've wondered for years: is there a profit to be made in blindly backing some of the industry's best tipsters' selections next time out? I'm only just adding selections now so it'll gradually build up but here's my general rules:

Leading industry tipster (I'm currently using 4 of them)​
I'm only backing horses that lost​
They'll qualify for 3 subsequent runs or until they win​
No odds restrictions​
1pt win @ BSP for each​
Obvious downside is that it ignores all race context on which a tipster made a decision, but potentially benefits from a better widely available price as a result of less attention. I'm assuming that a horse that is tipped is thought to be well handicapped/in good order/previously ignored by the market so might be worth another look.

Thoughts very much welcomed.
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Does anybody know if it's possible to access Hugh Taylor's recent selections? I can find them for the previous full month in his recorded results, or for that day, but not for the current month. I can start updating it daily, but it'd be easier for they were all in one place...



Ive found em for 2020 but none for 2021 altho they could be on there somewhere N newcomer

Good idea , will watch with interest
It seems they update for the previous month so I'll try and the recent March tips as they're added in April. I'll try and track daily. The other two tipsters I'm looking at keep a daily sheet.


An interesting idea N newcomer and best of. I do not follow Hugh Taylor but wonder how he deals with the situation is he more or less inclined to tip one of his recent or past losers again and when he does how do these fare against his norm. ? This occurrence always presents additional problems for us punters regardless of the source.
Thanks mick mick. This is based solely on a quick look of his results (I don't follow Hugh Taylor or Andy Holding either), but I think Hugh Taylor generally doesn't repeat his tips. He's more a race/context judge and so would probably frown upon my test here based solely on the horse.
As HT posts around 9.30 to 10.00, any possibility of him selecting one of previous losers is probably an non starter.

I'd imagine they generally contract over-night then drift on the afternoon of the race.


I think this plan could be useful.
Only possible weaknesses or dangers I can see are

1) the chance that the original race was almost a peculiar "one-off", bc of certain circumstances that applied then, but, may not NTO ( ie in your race, eg weight, going, jockey avaiabilty, LH or RH, prize money( ?:eek:) etc.

2) a lot of water has gone under the bridge , since lto ( anything may have changed re horse, stable and jockey - eg they all might have had covid 19 in the meantime ( o_O).

On the whole, I'd feel that HT is a professional something, and, probably is known for selecting good 'uns, so it sure narrows the field a bit.
We ain't really got time to look at every single horse that's out. Any pointers can be helpful.


Btw, when it comes to waiting for certain horses, I'm finding that the ones I want to see are just not coming out of a certain stable I follow .
This has got me thinking that something may be up.
Has the owner pulled his horses from the yard? Why is a former regular jockey now riding for other yards more?
Is there sickness in the yard?
Are there no longer suitable races?

All things I could do with finding out.
I'll have to be patient tlll restrictions are lifted and I'm able to try to find out.
All part of the mystery of racing. o_O

I'm often wondering what the hell is going on.
Very fair comments S Sandhog. I'd be surprised if it makes a reliable profit, to be honest. I think the three or four tipsters I've highlighted here are race readers rather than working from systems/angles, and even the relative value gained by them not being tipped next time out shouldn't compensate for a (expected) lower strike rate.
But it's worth a try, and just as valuable to find out an unsuccessful system as a successful one.


A couple of years ago on another part of the forum there was a bit of a standing joke going for a while which became known as the mick system as there was a burst of my losing lto bets messing on me by winning on there next run and unbacked by myself. But worst still is when you do find yourself backing a previous loser again perhaps on several future occasions and it continues to lose.

I have no system or even fixed methodology to help deal with these situations and tend to treat each as a one off stand alone. Was my judgement at fault in the first place, or where there valid excuses for the previous occasions are just a couple of several aspects deployed to help answer should i back it again.

What is important is that you stay clinical in these situations because if you take the attitude i am not backing it today because it let me down previously or i must back it because it owes me then profit wise both will likely prove more hindrance than help in the long term. :eek:

I understand that N newcomer is approaching this from an out right systematic angle so my above will not be relevant , and i do not wish to distract from this because i will also be interested in the outcomes but imo it remains a topic worthy of general discussion across the board.


I used to see this quite a lot in pre-computer times with paper systems - the idea of backing a horse on its next three outings.
Unfortunately I cannot remember any of the requirements or rules for finding the qualifying selection/s.

I used to try and second guess the 'plot' horses that you would get in the post......lol. Horses that won at 10/1, 14/1, etc. and make a note of them and their trainers. Some success, but the list grew too large and too difficult to manage in the end. I think 'Metcalfe' or something was one of them.

Putting following tipsters aside, however, there must be many 'pockets' within racing where such an approach may pay dividends. If the target horse or price is around 10/1 or more, casting a net three times to catch the fish could pay.

Obvious areas:- Those at the lower end of their OR rating. Horses switching trainers. Runs after a wind opp. Horses switching codes....etc.
My favourite is my own observations where I note horses blocked in-running and 'not clear run' and appear to have a 'turn of foot' and add to my tracker.

Best of luck N newcomer with this. If I may suggest a tipster - Andy Stephens of RacingTV could be a good candidate for this idea.
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Thanks retriever retriever. Does Andy Stephens have a dedicated page? It gets a bit time consuming to check each day if I've got to trawl through different pages, that's all (especially on a work day).


I did something similar a few years ago using newspaper tipsters naps. I have no idea what I did with any records or how well it went but do remember The Scout(The Express) was usually one of the leading players so thought I'd test Daily Express - The Scout for horses napped in January this year. Recorded to £10 level stake