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    As we will be with new hosts it may take a while before DNS get updated so it could take while before you can get back on the forum.
    I think it will take at least 4 hours but could easily be 48!
    Ark Royal
  • There seems to be a problem with some alerts not being emailed to members. I have told the hosts and they are investigating.
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    Apparently the hosts acknowledge there is a problem.
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    I will have to investigate what the differences are with what We have know compared to the alternative service they want us to migrate to.
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I'm in !


So this is where everyone went.. I don't care how corny this sounds but I missed you guys' presence on the other forum. I was away for a month when everything went down so didn't know what the heck had happened when I came back to a ghost town. Very glad to see the reason I loved the other place has reformed here. Will most definitely enjoy posting in the community again :)

Thanks to all involved in setting this up.


I got an email asking me to look in -so I'm here. Grumpy old B (not speaking to the wife at present), 77 at the end of the month and been following mainly UK mainland horseracing since 1951.
arkroyal said:
You will fit right in Jackform, most of us are grumpy old gits :mad:


It's a sign of sanity in a fucked up world. Happiness can be achieved with Class A drugs, but why risk getting banged up for a smile? Grumpy has his day!