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    As we will be with new hosts it may take a while before DNS get updated so it could take while before you can get back on the forum.
    I think it will take at least 4 hours but could easily be 48!
    Ark Royal
  • There seems to be a problem with some alerts not being emailed to members. I have told the hosts and they are investigating.
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    It really is frustrating when the forum slows down or Server Error 500 pops up.

    Apparently the hosts acknowledge there is a problem.
    Thank you for using our services and sorry for the experienced delay!
    Unfortunately, these errors are due to a higher server load. Our senior department knows about the issue and they are working towards a permanent resolution of the issue, however, I'd advise you to consider using our new cPanel cloud solutions: https://www.tsohost.com/web-hosting

    I will have to investigate what the differences are with what We have know compared to the alternative service they want us to migrate to.
    Keep safe.
  • Hi Guest Just in case you were not aware I wanted to highlight that you can now get a free 7 day trial of Horseracebase here.
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I'm in !


Hi gangaman,

You should have acces to your blog here.
I know you wanted to keep a record of your thoughts so please copy and paste any posts from the old forum to here.


Hi all, I'm in too. Lately, I suffer from severe back pain (Getting shots, ouch!), so mostly in bed, can't sit long, that's why I do not bet, nor read the threads. I just log in to see the news, good that I did. Hopefully will be more with you, guys, soon...
Thanks AR and scruff for setting this up!
Got sorted. Now we need a thread listing all the stuff that needs copying over; I've got a few spare hours to do a bit if work: where shall I start???

Also, the smileys have got funny shaped heads :oops:
many thanks to all ye who made this possible :D


that's me many years ago making a citizens arrest on a female apple thief...

would you adam & eve it?


I dont mind chipping in to copy stuff over if need be. Can a whole thread be lifted across or what is best way?