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If winning was dynamite i couldn't blow my own Trilby off... or could I?

Good Morning,

starting my new betting year off with the boxing day bonus bonanza :hi:

1.45 venetian lad 16/1 & blake dean 7/1
2.50 wild hearted woman 14/1
3.25 bonds conquest 8/1

1.20 knights reward 5/2
2.30 running wolf 14/1

1.30 poker school 7/2

Down royal
12.50 paper lantern 5/1 & bridge end 14/1

1.50 artful artist 3/1

3.05 magnus glen 11/1 arthamint 20/1 pause and ponder 13/8

market rasen
12.00 swaledale lad 12/1
1.45 milly baloo 11/2 & noble leader 22/1
2.20 ultimatum du roy 9/2 & Amira collonges 12/1
2.55 ping 7/2 & bobonyx 66/1

12.00 Hi BOB 11/4 & pamak dairy 6/1
2.10 copt hill 8/1 & scutinty 40/1
2.45 still blue native 4/1

1.05 jaunty inflight 2/1
1.40 lions charge 10/1
2.15 theatrical star 25/1
3.25 sunny the one 6/1 & bears rail 11/2

1.50 ballylula 14/1

I'm gonna have too put a small one on bobonyx now that kept winking at me last night :)

Good luck today mental way to start with all these meetings isn't it? but should be alot of fun :whistle:
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As long as your bank can suffer it and you are betting for the right reasons, hopefully shouldn't make a difference when the opportunity comes along
-10 ytd


1.30 massini lady 13/2
2.20 rolling dough 16/1
2.50 onerun 7/1 & tothemoonandback 12/1
3.20 brown bear 4/1 & bobbits way 14/1
3.50 sisiana 7/1

Happy new year to yo all :hi:
some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad
other things just make you swear and curse
if you havnt had a winner don't worry be a grinner
and this will help things turn out for the best and..............
Always look on the bright side of life :whistle:

1.15 western Jo 9/1 lads
1.45 the coffee hunter 10/1 365

2.00 stone quercus 6/1 365
2.30 Moscow calling 16/1 lads
3.00 thankyouverymuch 5/2 365

1.20 Prussian eagle 16/1 & ups and downs 8/1

1.50 west torr 10/1 & glengra 12/1

1.35 flashjack 7/1 & Hainan 13/2
a winner today -16.5 ytd

1.00 countdown 5/1 and mgintys dream 33/1
2.45 heres to harry 33/1

3.35 krugermac 4/1

2.05 fergal mael duin 9/1
2.40 third act 8/1

2.30 knockhara pylon 8/1
3.40 winter magic 13/2 mick the jiver 15/2
Thankyou both very much for looking in, -22 at one point and now +8.5 so a fair turnaround and if I where to offer any advice to anyone, it would be believe, work hard and stick to your guns, even if you are trialling something give it a fair chance to fail.

To coin a phrase on here doers do .......
No Bets today

i chipped in on the vdw thread but was ignored I'm probably not clever enough to move in them type of circles anyway i mean grown men arguing and debating constantly about something that happened years ago and not having a defining answer or somebody to actually ask about it.......... all it ever does is bring out ego, and becomes a battle of people trying to stamp there intelligence/knowledge on something and if that doesn't work they tend resort to personal trades, some new dummys and rattles are required i think !

Anyhow i mentioned Banks and the importance of them .........

i always start with 150 x 1 bank this is two fold really you have the confidence that you can just keep going and also it should be money that is stored just for betting purposes, i don't want this to become about me but seeing as if just come off the back of a very painful run its a good example i had a loosing run of 16 and got to a loss of -22 now if i was the type of punter to chase i would be probably a lot worse off , or if things had gone the other way and stopped betting due to lack of confidence and not having the supporting bank i would never get the money back, but i sat tight despite feeling a little down admittedly, and the fact i am being "ballsy" enough to post my bets here (which anyone who does should be commended and if you post on any forum you should post something including +/- figures before you offer up your opinion) but i knew due to records kept and bank in place that it would turn around long term, the fact i had a 33/1 winner which carried the same stake as my other selections is all credit to me for having the inner belief and mental strength to trust my previous work, i dare say there are not to many ave punters who would get to that point of -22 and carry on but its part of the job.

many people want to do it, many people could do it, but you have to separate yourself and be disciplined and work hard which i am afraid most don't have the patience or self control to achieve.

never be afraid to paper trade for a year or 2 it will give you a project to work on, and confidence long term, its funny people often think short terms of "how did you do today" "ive had a good week" but if somebody ever asks me "I'm having a good year" will often be the answer

i came here wanting to educate and be educated which i have in parts and i hope that process becomes stronger as time moves on.


Trilby Trilby you make some good and valid points Re staking.I start afresh as from Jan 1st each year and use a 100pts bank to deploy 1pt win stakes for the whole of that year anticipating 100 - 200 bets in total . Losing runs are a sod and i find hurt the head as much as the wallet.One of the hardest lessons i have learned is that (for myself) everything needs to be viewed in the long term.In this respect a year can be seen as a decent test but i also reluctantly accept that at some future point i may need to take an even longer term view.

When i was a young man one of my betting role models was Alex Bird (a successful full time backer) and he shared the fact that one year he ended up 100k down.During the winter he analyzed each of the bets and also compared this loss with his longer term gains concluding that it should be "business as normal" and the following season won back the 100k with a nice sum on top.He died still a wealthy man keeping far more than he gave back.

Re your other point hopefully if someone is ignored it will be down to what they have said rather than who they are.? Imo there are no experts in this game,we are all learners and always shall be.!
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Hi Trilby Trilby i dont think you was ignored people just take note sometimes, i use a bank of 100pts on my form bets and lay bets, my system bets i just use smaller level stake bets because i am are fairly new to them, around three year and a bank of 100pts as well.

Yes many i have paper traded for a year or more also thats a fine idea.
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