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what can i say bloody all of them but 18m for Wimmer along with that clown Berahino and Imbulla 50 mill down the drain
Hi bud at least you won’t have to spend £80 at B and Q which will they will be able to be spread out between the spurs guys after a tropheyless season,
a couple of losers on Thursday nothing these last couple of days

Monthly Breakdowns
Apr 2018 10.17

16 BETS-3 WINS S/R 18.75 +10.17 ROI 63.57

BOG +7.25

a winner at 18.39 somewhat skewing the results so far
3.30 Chester-Star Of The East 5-1 BOG
4.25 Cartmel- Havana Jack 7-2 BOG
4.25 Cartmel-Oscar Oscar 9-2 BOG
4.25 Cartmel-Quick Brew 9-2 BOG