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T tacker there are plenty of very good teachers on this site, with Chesham Chesham being just one. I think from all the teachers and the user names that i know of / can remember, Chesham Chesham must be the one person i have related with the longest via various horse racing websites. We all have different learning curves and the two most dreaded words hard work has to be put in. Eventually hard work turns in to working smartly. I have plenty written down in case i forget. Hopefully when racing resumes i have not forgotten to much. Some race reading practice will be needed i think to try and get back in to the swing of things. With parts of racing in France stopping from today i hope that does not effect things here. Paris is not to far away.



Would someone be able to tell me if HRB has a head to head facility, if not does anyone know a site that does have 1
thanks in advance for any responses


Would someone be able to tell me if HRB has a head to head facility, if not does anyone know a site that does have 1
thanks in advance for any responses
I'm a recent suscriber Larry Larry , thought £15 was worth it to have a proper look, however the price is about to go up to £25 per month so don't delay if that's where you're going.


From Chris's Blog......Membership is currently £15 (recreational), £20 (enhanced).

1. As a thank you for your support, all members who have active membership as at 31st May 2020 will be given a locked-in lifetime rate, with the monthly amount you pay now kept in place forever, as long as you keep the account active. You will soon see a membership status that reflects this.

2. New memberships from 1st June will be priced at £25 per month for a recreational account. It will be £35 for an enhanced account.

3. I will actively be contacting all former members and clearing all unwanted accounts to free resources, data storage and assist allowing new memberships.

4. As soon as racing returns I will be concentrating for the first time in a long time on actively trying to attract new customers, it would be extremely appreciated if any member who can assist by using word of mouth or sharing the site link on their blog etc does so, at that time.



Was just wondering if anyone has done a spreadsheet to be able to download the race cards on Horseracebase if you are a member.

I have never really used them as you have to click on each race separately and copy and paste which takes a while..so was just wondering if anyone has a tool to make the job simpler...Thanks

Forgot to mention I do know there is a daily racecards download that give all the day's races..but it does not have the HRB rating (which is what I really want )
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Possible way without having to open individual pages is to click on "View One Day Racecards" You can highlight them all in one go and copy/paste into Excel. Maybe of use.


Yeah...cheers.. had a look at that...just means that you have to insert the date track & time to the left for all races as they come at the top...They don't like to make anything easy


Cheers...Not looked at that before...Be much easier if they were just on Today's cards... I 've also noticed that columns that are on the Today's cards or then not on the Results sheet the next day...don't understand that. If you used one as a filter you would then have to save the Today's cards and marry the column up with the results sheet...Like I say don't like to make it easy