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Hong Kong Speed Figures

The Hare

Card for Sunday.
Speed figures decent 5 in first 3 on Wednesday but Form poor with only 2. Noticed the form ratings have some very high ratings for some races, especially odd sprint race. Maybe need a little tweaking.


  • 1306.xlsx
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Sha Tin Sunday thoughts

6.00 Don't rate Griffin races and don't usually care about them, I noticed the last one the 3yo's dominated the 2yo's and watched couple of California Spangle's trials and looked decent so be interested to see how he gets on

6.00 Focus is top rated but ran woeful last week, best form over 450m further and this is AW debut, that said Moreira is a surprising booking, For Fun's Sake is running well now and leading contender.
Supreme Patrol worth mentioning would have a great chance on 4 back CD win but useless 3 x since(full of mucus last time).Not a race to be confident in.

6.30 Regency Gem is in form heads the ratings and Teetan stays on, needs every yard of the 1200m so will be very late on the scene, Vega Rhythm could prove toughest to pass.

7.00 Vukan (Teetan again ) and Fire Ball for Purton standout slightly above the rest on the figures, Vukan's form is over slightly further and has a wide draw.
The race might not be as straightforward as the ratings suggest lots of newcomers and lightly raced types, including trial winner Blaze Warrior(Moreira).

7.30 The Best Hero, Lucky Ruby and Holyshowcasing head the ratings in that order.

8.00 Could mention five or six in this race, very tough. If forced to narrow it down Plikclone and Super Mission but unlikely any value in either with the top two jocks on.

8.35 Gracylove and Master Hero fought out a fast race last time and both are of interest, preference for the latter with the weight pull and extra knowledge Teetan gained after getting his pocket picked before rallying in that race.

9.05 Master Eight will be all the rage here and the figures say very hard to beat.

9.35 Seven Heavens was in good form over the straight 1000m at Sha Tin recently , just tops the ratings but slightly prefer Striking Mr C who's close up rating came over the 1200m AW of todays race.

10.10 Harmony And Rich looked good on Wednesday winning very nicely the time was good and everything looks good for a repeat except maybe the little matter of the jockey C Wong who is now 0 from 202 in Hong Kong, if it goes pear-shaped for the lad again Handsome Bo Bo and Highly Proactive would be top of my list to take advantage.

10.45 Ultra Express can follow up recent win under Moreira, Changcheng Prince worth a look if goes off silly odds, quite close up on LTO run.

The Hare

Sha Tin Sunday

6.00 Cordyceps Six improved a fair bit last time and Miracle Victory should step up on debut, but would be no surprise to see a newcomer win this as @ O Outlander expertly mentions

6.00 Few have much form on All Weather and Purton getting on Dollar Reward as it drops in class is interesting. Telecom Missile on 2nd run for Fownes is off putting with AW form. Ever Strong may be the other well handicapped low weight with a chance.

6.30 Demons Rock drops in grade and should go close. I am interested in Lucky Turbo on return to All Weather. Regency Gem is consistent but likely to find 1 or 2 to beat it and Ka Ying Brilliant another danger who may reach a place improving a little.

7.00 Not much form to go on here and better to watch. Vukan as @ O Outlander says would be a token choice with the excellent Teetan on board.

7.30 The Best Hero and Holyshowcasing have improved of late and like the All Weather. I have a slight preference for Eight Trigrams the top weight who drops in class and has favourite conditions.

8.00 Plikclone has Purton back on board over better trip and heads the recent efforts. Copartner Era may be interesting at a bigger price.

8.35 August Moon heads the ratings due to the Sha Tin 1000m problem and not to be trusted those ratings. As @ O Outlander Gracylove and Master Hero are very interesting with perhaps Sunny Baby a danger.

9.05 Master Eight sure to be very popular after excellenht debut. After a rest Super Dobbin is most creditable alternative.

9.35 Plenty running well here. The massive rating over the 1000m for Seven Heavens has been raised 10lbs and back on AWT. Gunnison showing signs of return to form and looks well rated for this.

10.10 Czarson heads ratings on the surface and ran well over 1000m last time. Handsome Bo Bo is also of interest.

10.45 Ultra Express ran an excellent race last and hard to beat. Californmia Ten and Champion Supreme would be the dangers.

The Hare

Another poor effort for the last 10 races - Speed 1-0-1 and Form 0-1-0. With a 1/5 winner, not great!

Back on Sunday at Sha Tin card attached.


  • ST2006.xlsx
    79.5 KB · Views: 1

The Hare

Sha Tin Sunday opinions

6.00 Plenty here showing little lately. Lightly raced Jiangxi Stamina steps up in trip and is interesting, Wonder Express consistent but beatable and Jimmu is probably the main danger for win with Moreira back on.
6.30 Lots of chances here. Magnetism is consistent, Nuremburg has Moreira but may need further. Clement Legend is a little interesting as top weight, maybe Swot Troopers Wind has the best chance though with Magnetism the danger.
7.00 Lucky Quality is reunited with Moreira and should go close, preference is for Next Model, reunited with Purton after a break and has the form to win this.
7.30 Limited form to go on here, Gluck Racer is running well but a race to watch as newcomers could well be prominent.
8.00 Fast Most Furious looks well treated on ratings and will be hard to beat.

The Hare

8.35 Competitive event, Robot Warrior has 3rd run for Yiu and leads the speed figures, El Jefe should be close under Purton.
9.05 Group 3 with the bottom weights seeming well in. Preference is for Not Usual Talent returning to favourite trip with Buddies after a short break interesting.
9.35 Killer Bee is improving though this is a competitive event. Mig Energy gets preference.
10.10 Master Montaro returns to better trip and will go close. Hinchinlove ran in a good race last time and E Star was also in the race. Master Montaro and Hinchinlove would be choices.
10.45 Compassion Spirit and Meaningful Star are the most interesting in another very vompetitive event.


Sha Tin Sunday thoughts

6.00 Jimmu top rated on penultamate run and now has Moreiera on, was made fav LTO though and well beaten, maybe didn't stay but not convinced about this one.
Wonder Express (placed behind in form Red Majesty) and Jiangxi Stamina (Teetan) who is in form and ran 2nd in a trial last week in amongst horses that run later in the card in the class 2 race (10.10) are both prefered.

6.30 I have a strong speed figure 2 back from McMunigal, dissapointed me a little last time but given another chance here.

7.00 Sea Elite is top rated on run 3 back, led until inside final furlong last time and down in trip today, he along with Pegasus Glory who has managed to get himself dropped in class are of interest, but we might have a horse a fair bit better than the newcomer HK52 mark in Flying Dragon.

7.30 Again we have a top rated horse (Iron King) who could be at the mercy of newcomers racing off the HK52 , there might be as many as 3 of them who fit the bill here All Beauty , Happy Daily and Man Up, one or more of these will probably surpass the form already on offer.

8.00 Interesting Group 3 handicap, the ratings say Tsar so will go with that one to follow up recent win.

8.35 Lightly raced pair Robot Warrior (Teetan) and Oscar Glory (Moreira) top the figures here in that order.

9.05 Again another one of these Group 3 handicaps and again bottom weight comes out on top of the ratings, in fact well clear Lucky Patch on both last 2 runs over 1200m , but has won over the 1400m, i can't imagine it will be as simple as the ratings suggest but i will have to have a few quid on.

9.35 Killer Bee has topped my ratings for his last 2 wins but is a bit further down the list today. Eligere and Dublin Star who beat him last time rate strongest here.

10.10 Winning Method comes out well on the ratings, hoping Poon can have a decent day with these bottom weights, not ran for 70 days but i think been a reserve on a couple of occasions from memory , gets a chance to run here and been ticking along looking in good nick winning a trial recently.

10.45 Super Winner can bring up a 4 timer for himself and jockey Moreira, War Weapon could chase him home.
Last edited:

The Hare

Ratings for Wednesday, a moderate day for ratings yesterday. Speed 2-0-0 saved by last 2 winnera but Form only 0-0-2.

Interesting that the Group 3 were won by higher weights rather than the lower suggested, seems the top rated a little undervalued. Hoping to amend the method of my Form ratings over the next week to improve this.



  • HV2306.xlsx
    74.1 KB · Views: 0

The Hare

Wednesday quick thoughts
11.45 Amazement may continue progress, Falcon Turbo would be interesting at bigger price,
12.15 On recent efforts Ardenode and Spicy Grill are high on figures, preference for Ardenode to return to best.
12.45 Valiant Elegance improved back on Turf last with Packing Champion set for better after a break prior to last.
1.15 Highland Fortune ran well last time at the trip, competitive event though.
1.45 Baltic Whisper has Purton on in jockey change, the Sha Tin 1000 ratings are inflated but this is an excellent chance. Happy Time is the one on figures.
2.15 Fast Pace is in an easier grade with Ernest Feeling the main danger.
2.45 Hong Kong Bet is another dropping grade and uniting with Purton, All for South would have a place chance.
3.15 Celestial Power and Sacred Ibis are intersting here.
3.45 Classic Posh promised after a break alst.


Happy Valley Wednesday just picks from ratings, no time to look in detail this week

11.45 Sky Treasure - Indian Shine

12.15 Spicy Grill - Shanghai Power

12.45 Valiant Elegance - Whiskey Neat

1.15 Green Luck - Magnificent

1.45 Flaming Passion - Beauty Cheers

2.15 Manna From Heaven - Maximize Heart

2.45 Family Folks - Jolly Good Heart

3.15 King's Capital - Telecom Fighters

3.50 Classic Posh - Be Ready - Biz Power

The Hare

Happy Valley Wednesday just picks from ratings, no time to look in detail this week

11.45 Sky Treasure - Indian Shine

12.15 Spicy Grill - Shanghai Power

12.45 Valiant Elegance - Whiskey Neat

1.15 Green Luck - Magnificent

1.45 Flaming Passion - Beauty Cheers

2.15 Manna From Heaven - Maximize Heart

2.45 Family Folks - Jolly Good Heart

3.15 King's Capital - Telecom Fighters

3.50 Classic Posh - Be Ready - Biz Power
Excellent call @ O Outlander, some great winners.

My speed was 1-1-1 and Form 1-0-1 for the meeting.

Card for Saturday atached


  • ST2606.xlsx
    86.2 KB · Views: 0


Sha Tin Saturday picks from ratings only

6.00 Run Des Run - Aerosonic

6.30 Blaze Warrior - Smart Wongchoy

7.00 Speedy Dragon - The Full Bloom

7.30 Dragon Commander - Super Fast

8.05 Superbella - Blastoise

8.35 Dragon Fortune - Winwin Thirtythree

9.05 Gold Comet - Unite Spirit

9.35 Horsesain Bolt - Xiang Yin

10.10 Drops Of God - Copartner Ambition

10.45 Trillion Win - Shining Ace


I think there will be 3 short priced hotpots running on Saturday

6.30 Blaze Warrior I mentioned he had won impressively in a trial before his debut on 13th June he won easily in a fast time and Moreira on again and I can't believe he has been allowed to run in class 4 again, surely when the prices come through will be an unbackable price.

9.05 Gold Comet went up from 1200m to 1650m on Dirt and looked like he had just jumped into the race on the turn, won with total comfort by 9 lengths , really could have been double that it , only gone up 14lb , surely another unbackable Moreira mount.

10.45 Apparently it's quite rare for a Hong Kong debutante to win in class 2, the huge Australian beast Naboo Attack did that when powering at the finish on 30 May, the race was quite fast ,he doesn't top my ratings because a couple from that race oppose on better terms. Maybe Naboo Attack won't have it all his own way and also has a wide draw, but I imagine will be all the rage with the local punters. Watch out for a late wide burst.
Last edited:

The Hare

Sha Tin Saturday

6.00 Few seem wrong trip - California Legend and Go Ballistic for me

6.30 Blaze Warrior excellent debut looks challenged by only newcomers or lightly raced Illustrious

7.00 Speedy Dragon 2nd for Mann has Winning Strike , running well, to beat

7.30 Dragon Commander with Teetan on leads the ratings, Super Fast and Oh Bravo are serious challengers

8.05 Superbella can run better than last after previous impressive win. Enzemble and God of Dragons are quite interesting improvers here to beat other consisitent types Murray's Partner and Arrogant.

8.35 Dragon Fortune with Top Score interesting in lower weights.

9.05 Gold Comet gets a hefty rise for impressive win, Star of Yuen and Righteous Doctrine would be preferred on price.

9.35 Horsesain Bolt - Xiang Yin, as per @ O Outlanderm prefer the latter

10.10 Drops Of God should return to impressive debut form and Kai Xing Dragon at a bigger price should run well.

10.45 Trillion Win and All in Mind are consistent but usuall y find one too good. Naboo Attack is the obvious one here.

Very competitive card with maximum fields in all.


Sha Tin Thursday thoughts horses in rating order with comments

6.00 Speed Force - good run 3 back in and around horses who have ran well since, hasn't reached the same standard last twice but still of interest.
Joy Master - won well in a decent time latest for the 7lb claiming jockey, wide draw today and comes from the back so maybe no easy passage.

6.30 Golden Mission - in good form and looked fully capable of winning a race like this before running like a millepede with gout on the Dirt track latest, forgive back on Turf ?
One Step Ahead - was 3 places behind Golden Mission LTO but didn't obtain a clear run and Moreira stays on, leading chance.

7.00 Monster Kaka - leading hope here on LTO figures, Purton snapped up the ride.
Takingufurther - led when producing his best figure 4 back, poor since from wide draws, better draw today, could outrun likely big odds.

7.30 Island Sunshine - tops my ratings in a very tight looking race complicated with interesting newcomers who have trialled well
NB. Infinity Win and Regency Star have both trialled with considerable promise and could be ahead of the newcomers HK52 mark

8.00 Infinite Power - tops the rating on his LTO win , wider draw today but remains of interest here.
Great Harvest - another decent LTO winner is a respectable time must be considered a danger with Teetan
Sparkling Star - ran decent figures last twice , no too much to find, interesting if long odds
NB. There is a potentially smart newcomer in Amigos Giggle who won a trial for Moreira and ran with promise in last time 2nd under Purton in a trial, also with that in mind twice raced Touch Faith who hasn't done anything special both times for Moreira at quite short prices last time full of mucus has also been very interesting in trials for Moriera and he stays loyal, certainly worth mentioning. On balance i think will stick with the ratings as they set a fair standard.

8.30 Dragon Commander - has multiple ratings that make him the top contender today, ran well again on Saturday.

9.05 Looking Great - would be quite a confident pick here if he hadn't dissapointed a little LTO, Moreira stays on so probably worth another chance.
Sunny Star - could be the biggest danger with Teetan

9.40 Ultimate Glory - the one i like here after fine 2nd LTO finishing ahead of Monster Kaka who runs earlier (7.00), confidence would increase further if that one backs up the form.
Jade Phoenix - comes out just 2nd best on the ratings, well drawn and Teetan rides so merits respect

10.15 Kings Capital - top rated on his run 3 back over 1400m, I've not been convinced by his last 2 efforts at all and will need to bounce back in a major way
Regency Bo Bo - disappointed LTO and was eased, in good form previously and still merits respect
Lucky Quality - winner latest and probably be popular to follow up with consistent runs under his belt, in form and Moreira on.

10.50 First Responder - will take this one to back up his win over 1200m LTO , think he has the speed to lay up over the straight 1000m
United We Stand - the one to fear most after his wind assisted rocket time over CD latest

Ratings attached for anyone interested


  • HK010721 ST.xlsx
    2 MB · Views: 1

The Hare

Card for Thursday, Bank Holiday for Independence it seems in Hong Kong.

Saturday my speed 2-1-1 and For, 1-0-2.

Thanks @ O Outlander for the tips, mine later.


  • HV0107.xlsx
    77.8 KB · Views: 7

The Hare

Thursday thoughts:

6.00 Righteous Win ran well after a long break last and has the figures to win this. Speed Force has good figures, possibly needs a little further? Joy Master is the likely danger.

6.30 Golden Mission ran poorly AW last but back on turf with top claimer will go close. Telecom Missile is perhaps slightly preferred on 3rd run for Fownes with Callan on board and so well handicapped. Wayfoong Star is lightly raced and ran much better last after break on AW. A repeat on Turf would probably win it.

7.00 August Moon has good figures and back in trip will help. Street Scream also has decent figures. Preference is for Happy Gathering with Schofield on board to help.

7.30 Carry the Diamond and Summit Cheers look most interesting but as Mike says the newcomers are very dangerous.

8.00 Infinite Power tops the rating after 3 runs for Lor. Sparkling Star has run well and a danger. Touch Faith would be the other interesting lightly raced improver.

8.30 Back on turf, Dragon Commander is vulnerable. More Than A Horse and Joyful Heart would be most interesting and Shadow Breaker at a better trip could also go close.

9.05 Looking Great returns to a better trip and leads the figures. I like Lakeshore Eagle to be a big danger and improving Berlin Tango.

9.40 Awe improved dropped to this trip last with improving Jade Phoenix stepped up in trip dangerous.

10.15 The Golden Scene ran an excellent debut and should go close. I have a little interest in Noble steed returning to form at a big price.
Lucky Quality ran well also but up in trip may find this too tough.

10.50 Metro Warrior is reliable but likely to find some too good. Joyful Fortune ran well last time and could be close. United We Stand ran much better last time and is favoured.


Sha Tin Sunday thoughts

6.00 California Spangle - don't have ratings for Griffin races but tipped this one on debut after impressive trials, won very nicely and can follow up.

6.30 Amazing Agility - has the 3 top speed figures on my sheet from latest 3 runs, Teetan on , very consistent and certainly good enough to win, but is a bit one paced and a habit of finding one just that bit faster in the finish, will give him the vote again.

7.00 Fox Cheunger - won nicely LTO in this class and can repeat
Regency Poet - has a whole host of figures that make him dangerous here.

7.30 Steel Win - poor looking class 4, Moreira booked and best on ratings
Everyone's Victory - finished one place ahead of Steel Win in the list topping race, might conserved more energy early in the race though.

8.00 The Best Hero - 2nd in the same race the 2 horses mentioned in the 7.30 ran in and tops the ratings here
Dashing Fit - won the aforementioned race and shouldn't be much between them again.

8.35 Leading Fortune - tops the ratings on run 3 back, disappointed latest and will need to bounce back for Moreira
Free Foal - won the race where Leading Fortune disappointed , since ran even better when 3rd LTO, in form and leading candidate here for Purton

9.05 Kung Fu Tea - won in decent time latest and chance of following up
Golden Bolt - decent figures latest , wide draw not ideal but respected

9.35 Sight Success - useful on Turf, Dirt debut every chance if adapting to surface.
Mega Heart - has the best Dirt rating on my sheet and could go close if at his very best

10.10 Master Montaro - tops the ratings on LTO 4th to Hichinlove over CD
E Star - finished one place ahead of Master Montaro in the same contest and has been in good form lately.

10.45 C P Brave - will go with this one ran well LTO and has Teetan on, very tight race though with numerous chances.