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VDW hedgehog/stubble - trying to get lucky

Thanks @Nellsman,

I much appreciate your advice and will take it on board. I hope I have fully understood with today's selection. 4.00 York rubenesque, it's my favourite and though going up in OR is dropping in physical weight. It is certainly in form and the trainer has used the drop from a longer nh race to a flat race successfully before.

Thanks again and much appreciated

Good luck today
Hi @hedgehog,
I've rated some of the Ayr Handicaps, ratings below.

Ayr 2:00 (1) Fire Brigade, (2) Chatez, (3) Borderforce.
Ayr 2:40 (1) Dakota Gold, (2) Al Qawah, (3) Hayadh.
Ayr 3:50 (1) Growl, (2) Major Jumbo, (3) Upstaging.

I'm having a bet on Young Rascal at Newbury 2:20.

Good Luck and Regards
Hi @hedgehog,
some good racing today, I've rated the Challenge Cup at Ascot, ratings below.

Ascot 3:35 (1) Cardsharp, (2) Raising Sand, (3) Flaming Spear. The ratings are very tight for this race, as they should be. If I was pushed to have a bet it would be Flaming Spear win and place.
I will be betting later depending on the ground being okay (rain is forecast).
Ascot 2:25 First Eleven.

Good luck today and Regards
Hello @Nellsman

Good luck if you bet today.

I've looked at 4 races but only have selections in 3 all at Newmarket.

2.05 fille de reve
4.25 move swiftly
5.00 hamley

I've found these comparing my take on vdw and my current ratings

Good luck today
Hello @Nellsman

I bet in that race encore d'or and blue de vega. It should have been my only bet of the day but wasn't. Trying to be too clever again. Hopefully I've learnt my lesson though I doubt it.

You got a nice double figure placer there, well done

Good luck today
Hi @hedgehog, I've worked the Handicaps at York today, Ratings below.

York 2:05 (1) Finniston Farm, (2) Alternative Fact, (3) Mountain Angel.
York 3:15 (1) Lake Volta, (2) Terentum Star, (3) Al Qahwa.
York 5:00 (1) Dominating, (2) Northwest Frontier, (3) Baydar.
York 5:35 (1) Mukhayam, (2) Bravery, (3) Frontispiece.

I've compiled the ratings but I won't be getting involved today. It's too tough for me.

Good Luck Today and Regards
Hello @Nellsman

You had a couple of good placers there but best of all is the excellent swerve, I wish I'd done the same today as it's turned into a total loss of my liability today. Tough time of year.

Good luck tomorrow
Hi @hedgehog,
I've rated today's Balmoral handicap, ratings below.

Ascot 4:30 (1) Mitchum Swagger, (2) Sharja Bridge, (3) Circus Couture.

This looks a very competitive race, I have my top 6 horses separated by 3 points.

Good Luck Today and Regards
Hi @hedgehog,
last big handicap of the season and it looks a very good one, ratings below.

Doncaster 3:15 (1) Eddystone Rock, (2) Restorer, (3) Baydar.

In one way or another the ratings for the above three are not as robust as one would like. In each of the above the ratings are older than ideal, but they are what they are, the form is in the book. In this race there are nine young progressive horses that have recorded their best ever RPR LTO. Only one of these makes it on to near the top (jt 4th) Wolf Country.
I've been really busy recently dealing with family matters and I'm not really in the zone required for in depth study, so consequently I won't be getting involved. I see your doing well on your other thread, very well done, good work.

Good Luck Today and Regards
Hi @hedgehog,
First of all, apologies for the long absence. I'm not a great fan of National Hunt but I have had a look today at the 3:15 Kempton.
I have question marks against most of these runners. My two against the field would be Josses Hill and Barney Dwan.
Good Luck Today and Regards
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