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VDW hedgehog/stubble - trying to get lucky

Hello all,

looked at the 8.05 gowran park and my 2 against the field are knowing you and beach wedding. I've just bet knowing you as I have hopes for it.

Good luck today
Hello all,

that didn't work out the way I expected.

Looked at the 7.40 Chelmsford and my 2 against the field are zaaki and poet's prince, I have hopes for poet's prince.

Good luck today
Hi @hedgehog,
it's taken me forever just to work the Victoria Cup and to be honest I'm as confused as when I first started. There are 15 four year old's in the line up, and a few of these could improve a great deal. However we have to improvise if it's required. My top four are listed below.
(1) Firmament, (2) Tony Curtis, (3) Raising Sand, (4) Keyser Soze.

Good Luck Today and Regards.
Hello all,

good luck @Tom O'Brien with your selection

looked at 2 races today

3.35 Ludlow, my 2 against the field are marracudja and workbench, I've only bet workbench as I have o
hopes for it.

4.45 leopardstown, my 2 against the field are share the honour and curley bill, I've only bet curley bill as again I have hopes.

Good luck today
A poor luck day for both of us @Nellsman

I've looked at the 2.20 York and my 2 against the field are hamada and now children, I have hopes for hamada. I'll not bet in that race though. My only bet today is emblazoned in the 2.10 Yarmouth.

Good luck today
Hi @hedgehog, I've rated the York race that you mention. It looks a very tricky race because of the unexposed 4 year old's in the field. My ratings are below.

York 2:20 (1) Banksea, (2) Grandee.
York 2:55 (1) Orions Bow, (2) Final Venture, (3) Danzeno.

Good Luck Today and Regards
Hello all,

looked at the 3.40 Perth and my 2 against the field are until winning and maid of Milan, I have hopes for maid of Milan. I've not bet in that race, my only bet today is rock eagle in the 3.15 Salisbury.

I got lucky yesterday

good luck today

looked at the 4.05 Redcar and my 2 against the field are erissimus maximus and merry banter, I have hopes for merry banter

Later in the day agrotera is interesting in the 8.15 Windsor but I'll not be betting it

Good luck today
Hello all,

a day when I'm not particularly keen on my selections.

7.45 wexford, Kagney is interesting but a pass

3.45 Warwick, my 2 against the field are neitzsche and level of intensity but again a pass

Good luck today
Hi @hedgehog,
I've rated a couple of races today, ratings below.

York 2:00 (1) Eastern Impact, (2) Salateen, (3) Get Knotted.
York 3:40 (1) Final venture, (2) Mr Lupton, (3) Goldream.
Goodwood 4:20 (1) Top Tug, (2) Platitude.

Good Luck Today and Regards