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Golf and Races Courses general info


Portrush never played in NI but have had some very good recommendations and tales of good golfing holidays there - just catching up The Open ( its the the one that counts) found myself actually cheering Rory on great come back charge and hopefully he will learn that is the attitude that is generally required - winning from behind takes the pressure of allows some happiness in - finding that I currently need an interest to ensure that I watch the final rounds - so massive market changing bets Justin because he is the class - and the new kid -to me at least.




A lot happening this year and to be honest just don’t have time at the moment, arkle55 arkle55 what i will say is woodhall spa is world class, two courses one is the hodgekin is the main one and just a gem, the bracken is the other you play on the day before to get your eye in.

Hotels on one strip and pubs it really is worth a visit, last played 2 years ago in November for our anniversary at 7-45 just as the mist cleared, I cannot tell you how it felt to smash one right down the middle after the starter sets you off.

If you done like it you’re in the wrong sport


markfinn markfinn, are you talking to yourself. :D

On a serious note, have you ever played Woodhall Spa. There are 2 golf courses and i keep reading from time to time one of them is world class, but i have never seen it on the tv, Not that i play, i was just reading through before my next race.

"who said that " !

No not played it supposed to be great a day out - no doubt one of the gang will propose it one day - have to say I only really travel down country for work these days - just no pleasure going south in a car these days - If I could get the train to golf course might consider it - Just realised what a liar I am goingsouth next month to Google Maps: Report Inappropriate Image - but its rare these days - loved travelling all over UK and Golf Clubs always in the back - played some nice courses and met some nicer people - everyone should play golf.




If you didn't know they were real golf shots you might suspect some trickery, i'm at a loss.
Hogans the master watch the 1st vid he could do anything to order, but had no need just so solid - Tiger Woods a magician that had the self confidence to try and birdie every hole truly unbelievable pressure golf at its finest - Seve up next
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Just signed up for this "free service until 1st 2020 major"



Always interest in N Faldo as he was an inspirational player and without doubt finest career of any UK golfer - not quite to sure what the Queen and co think of him cashing in so heavily on the Sir bit - I have been trying to think of any other examples where the knighthood has been used in quite the same commercial way ?


Not the same but my daughter has been an extra in a few films & Ben Kingsley insists everyone on set addresses him as Sir Ben Kingsley at all times