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General Question on Betting at Ladbrokes


New to the forum and new to gambling at Ladbrokes.

I placed a bet at my local Ladbrokes on the US presidential election (Trump/Biden), and received a betting slip with a bar code on it. I don't have an on-line account.

My question is; how do you know if you've won, and when do you check?

There is nothing on the slip that tells you where or when to check.
I asked the guy behind the counter and he didn't know, as he didn't know anything about US politics.
I asked via the on-line chat function on Ladbrokes website the the person I was speaking to had no clue either and told me to 'search on Google'.

My understanding is that there are at least two US elections. A general election to decide the Democrat or Republican party winner (Nov 3), and then a presidential election to decide the president (Dec 14). That's as far as my knowledge goes on US politics. I'm assuming the above bet is for the latter as it names Trump and Biden.

Is there an official Ladbrokes page where they announce who they think the winner is? Is it published on the same link above?


P.S. I bet on Trump, even though I think the other guy would make a better president. Politics seems to be all about showmanship these days.
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I would guess that once AP call the election "official" it will be safe to cash out.