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Free tips, info etc off t'internet


Peter Naughton is an example of a well-known info tipster who occasionally sends out a free info tip, always from his Notebook horses, and they often do well. The last one was in the 1.10 at Punchestown yesterday, Top Line Tommy finished 4th in a 20 runner maiden field, odds 10/1. Some bookies would have paid on 4 places, same number available on Betfair.

Anyhow, that's one example. Leighton Aspell's 'Barking Dog' info tips are another, which I already mentioned elsewhere. They don't win often, but I've seen them go in at 33s and 16s more than once. Funny thing is, with the 'Barking Dog', the longer the SP price, the more chance of 'em winning. They are often backed-in to shortish SPs, having started at much longer odds, but then usually fail dismally.

An example of a free, good form Tipster is Kris, available via Twitter. He only bets on better quality racing. These are his picks for today, together with his New Year message:


12.15 Imperial Alcazar 7-2

12.50 Cogry 9-2

1.25 Champ should win this race as he is the class horse in the race. A little double with Al Boum Photo at Tranmore (2.20)

2.00 Magic Saint 7-1

3.10 Emitom 3-1


Lucky 15 - 12.15 Imperial Alcazar 7-2 , 12.50 Cogry 9-2 , 2.00 Magic Saint 7-1 ,3.10 Emitom 11-4 ( @bet365)

* Happy New Year to all of you lovely people. May this year brings you lots of happiness,success, prosperity and above all good health. We had a fairly good 2019 in all honesty and we look forward to 2020 together. A massive thank you to each and everyone of you who have contributed to a successful year. Your messages and tweets are highly appreciated and I do try my best to reply to you all. Thanks also to those people who take time to check out my blog whenever i post one.

Thanks to those who offer their continuous support in good or bad days. We don't win daily as it's impossible to do so in this game but we always give it our best shot whenever we are betting. Unlike a lot of people I don't bet daily and I am very selective in what I bet. It's the only way to make good profit if you have that discipline & know when to bet and when not to bet. As always be careful of crooks operating on twitter who prey on the vulnerable and naive. Don't get sucked in by false promises and never give you heard earned money to those crooks who charge as well. You are better off learning from the more experienced punters who offer their advices and tips for free.

Cheltenham 2019 and Royal Ascot 2019 have to be my personal highlights while the Group 1's on the flat in France on Sundays during the summer especially at Deauville were becoming too easy at times
There were few hit and miss too but the positives did outweigh the negatives over the year. Anyway I wish you all the very best of luck in 2020 and lets keep booming.


And before I forget: nag-nag-nag had a very successful 3 months with it's free A/W systems bets, racking up over 65 points profit to SP. Bog or BSP would have been much bigger. On one lovely day the two picks sent out won at 16s and 6s. Numbers of picks vary according to what the systems throw up on any given day. Quite often no bets even when there are one or more A/W meetings.

The second 3 month cycle starts today, and this is the sole bet:

Southwell 2.30 Tagur. Currently 11/4 in a few places.


I can't promise to keep posting all these tips. Will prob do it sporadically, like everything else. If anyone else gets these, or anything else you consider worthwhile, please do jump in, feel free to post on this thread.
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Thanks, Uncouth.

A/W systems selections:

Thursday 2nd January 2020.

Fortissimo 11.45 Lingfield 7/1 Bet365
Fire Fighting 2.55 Lingfield 11/2 888Sport
Samphire Coast 6.30 Chelmsford City 9/2 888Sport




2.30 Rio Angie 9-4

3.05 Caspian Prince 6-1

3.40 New Trails 5-1

4.15 Suedois 11-4

4.50 Ibn Malik 7-2

5.25 Mountain Hunter 4-1 & Gifts of Gold 7-1


Lucky 15 - 2.30 Rio Angie 2-1 , 3.40 New Trails 5-1 , 4.15 Suedois 11-4 , 4.50 Ibn Malik 3-1 ( @bet365)

E/w Trixie - 3.05 Caspian Prince 6-1 , 3.40 New Trails 5-1 , 5.25 Mountain Hunter 4-1 ( @bet365)

*Thursdays at Meydan are back
It's the start of the Dubai Carnival at Meydan tomorrow and we will be betting in those races whenever it's on. No need to lump on anything tomorrow as lots of horses will need a run or will be aimed at other bigger races in a few weeks time. Super Saturday and World Cup Night in March will be the 2 main meetings during the Carnival. Let's hope for a few winners or places tomorrow and best of luck everyone.

I see there has been money for Fortissimo, hope it wins for you.

I am not betting today as there is nothing that grabs me but if I were I would take you on in the same race with Choral Music e/w at 12/1, as it has a good record at Lingfield.

I need to watch and study Meydan as I never play there.
Thanks for the disclaimer that the horses there may need a run.

Very best of luck today Skint45 Skint45.
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The A/W picks all lost, making it -4 after 2 days, but keep your eye on these. They started badly in the previous 3 month spell but ended over +65 at SP.

Kris had 4 placers from his 6 picks. In order, results were 3rd 9/4, u/p, 3rd 3/1, 2nd 2/1f, 3rd 13/2/u/p.


A/W systems:

3rd January 2020

SYLVIACLIFFS 7.15 SOUTHWELL 14/1 WH (non-bog at present), 12/1 888Sport.


International Law 2nd 8/1, Sylviacliffs 3rd 12/1.

That was as good as it got, but we're edging closer to a winner.

-10 after 3 days for the A/W systems picks.


Sky Defender won at 8/1.

We were down to just -2 after that. There was another pick on Sunday, which I didn't post, cos away. It lost.

So -3 going into today:

6th January 2020



Little India goes in at 9/2. You could have got 6s earlier. At 9/2 we are now into 0.5pt profit overall. That's with just 2 wins from 13 picks.

Angel Force is currently 12/1 on Betfair and PP.


A/W system picks (you can get these free from nag-nag-nag if you ask Gavin):

8th January 2020

FORTAMOUR 4.30 NEWCASTLE 11/4 most places.

Results so far: 344396254314416 (-0.5)
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Those two races abandoned due to floodlight failure.

Tomorrow (Thursday):

9th January 2020

Blazing Dreams 7/1 generally & Daafre 20/1 several 1.20 Newcastle
Phoenix Strike 3.00 Newcastle (ew) 100/1 most places
Thawry 3.30 Newcastle 7/1 most places


Next 2 were u/p (Thawry not far away, 4th or 5th). 4 points profit on day at best price makes it +3.5 overall.