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Free money...


I thought I'd start a thread where you can have a stress-free, liability-free bet or with guaranteed money based on periodical promotions... feel free to add to this thread of you see any other opportunities.
So here's one for the footie fans. This one is pretty straight-forward to do and most Bet365/Betfair traders know how to work this one, but if you're not sure....

Bet365 - £10 free in-play bet on this weekend's Liverpool v Man Utd match:

How it works:
• Place a pre-match single bet on the qualifying fixture outlined above taking place on Sunday 19th January.
• You will receive a Free In-Play Bet on the qualifying fixture to the value of your largest pre-match bet (max Free In-Play Bet value £10).
• Your Free In-Play Bet will only become available once the game starts.
• To use your Free In-Play Bet, simply add an In-Play selection to the bet slip once the game starts, and select the ‘Use Free Bet’ option next to that selection.

All you need to do is place a £10 back bet on Bet365 following the above rules, cover the liability with a lay bet on Betfair in the same market so whatever the outcome you either break even or maybe make a tiny loss (remembering the BF commission if the BF bet wins), and hey presto, a free £10 bet in-play on Bet365.
Up to fairly recently it used to be that you could get up to a free £50 in-play bet with the same method, but Bet365 cottoned on to this as a system and have now reduced it significantly to just a tenner now ! But Bet365 do quite a few of these promotions through the year when there's a high-profile match on - not just for the the Premiership but for other top-level leagues (such as the El Classico; Barcelona v Real Madrid)
Haha!! You were offered £10 !!
They only allowed me £5......
I use to play and trade the £50 regularly..

I would save your breath with a thread like this.....it's so 'old hat'....freebies done and dusted with the bookies now.
What was it called?...oh,yes…..bonus bagging or matched betting.
Welcome to the forum A alex789
Still, better than nothing.....
I always back the draw and then in-play with the free bet back the draw again after 1st goal.
Didn't work in the above match mind :(