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Flat 2018

My last day of betting for the year. After steadily building an excellent profit of 40+ points ove rthe previous 3.5 months, the last couple of weeks has been something of a car crash and a reminder of how difficult this game is. Hopefully, today's bets will give a little more respectability to the final figures.

4.15 Our Charlie Brown 9/2
5.15 The Knot Is Tied 7/4
8.00 Guardia Svizzerra 11/10
Regardless of today's outcome you still did good @Diceman because Just breaking even in the longer term is something which the majority of punters are unable to achieve.Your current Roi = 11% which is considerably better than the returns from other forms of investment. :)
Two winners at 7/4 and 11/10 and a 2nd place for a profit of 1.85 points on the day. And that concludes my betting for the year though I have been tossing around some NH angles which I may put up from November on. Thankyou @mick for your kind words and everyone else who has shown an interest. You are right of course and a near 12% profit on turnover is not to be sniffed at. I can't help feeling a little disappointed though as my closing strike rate is a couple of percentage points below what I usually achieve (though well within probability parameters) and consequently my profit margin somewhat lower that I would have hoped. Nevertheless, I have made a profit which is enough at the stakes I use to cover the cost of my trip to Australia in October to meet my two new grandchildren (twins). And that, I guess, is the point of the exercise, no? Good luck with your betting everyone.

+26.44 (11.83% POT or ROI or whatever one calls it round these parts :) )
60/223.5 (26.84% strike rate)
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