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Fifty points profit per month


Onwards and upwards......

14th June.......wanted to wait to see if there were any early morning non-runners, but alas, out early tomorrow, so I'm posting all of tomorrow's 18 selections now.

14th June.png

1.35 Ling.............3yo+ 1m2f
3.20 Ling.............3yo+ 6f
5.00 G.PK............3yo+ 1m1½f
5.20 Carl..............4yo+ 1m
5.25 Wind...........4yo+ 1m3½f
6.50 Nott............4yo+ 5f
7.30 Wind..........3yo+ 6f
7.40 Kilb..............4yo+ 2m4f ( Chase )
8.00 Wind...........4yo+ 1m


18 selections - 1 non-runner - 4 winners

Passion And Glory 6/5 ( bfsp 2.22 )
Tomouh 15/8 ( bfsp 3.36 )
Ottoman Emperor 5/2 ( bfsp 3.82 )
Edraak 3/1 ( bfsp 4.01 )

-13, +1.20, +2.31, +2.76, +2.95
-3.78 pts

Previous -0.21 pts
Overall total -3.99 pts


8 selections - All ran - No winners.


Previous -12 pts
Overall total -20.00 pts

Time for a halt. Thanks for the 'sad' markfinn markfinn You are right - it's not going well.

Something is not clicking.
I would prefer to work from Early prices, as the Forecast prices with HRB have been way off, [ Passion And Glory 11/2 forecast into 6/5 SP ] ( W/Hill's I believe ) and at the moment, I am not able to do so with work commitments.

Perhaps with the more unsettled weather coming, results will favour bigger priced winners and not be so predictable.
I'm going to lay off for a few days.


Yes retriever retriever i think value is the wtg maybe nowadays, and also i still find it is best to find a way to check back somehow it is not precise, but it can save alot of time, and even then i like to half the results to make the findings more viable maybe. Also their will be lulls but the shorter prices the harder it is to get back on track maybe.

Anyhows! Good Luck!!
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Backing two in the same race is always gonna be a tough call IMHO and I admire your spirit retriever retriever for having a go at it. It increases your strike rate I accept but does it double it? It needs to at least double it in the long term as two in the same race effectively halves the odds. So 5/1 becomes 5/2, 8/1 becomes 8/2, = 4/1. Not saying it isn't possible to profit from the strategy in theory but it needs big odds in competitive races and a very sharp pin to pull it off.


disagree dutching is a great way of maximising overall profits and lowering loses

simple 2 horse race

5/1 - winner - 1 lost ( the other dutched stake) = 4/1 winner what is wrong with that


If I have a chance ( 2 or more live contenders ) and as long as I have min odds about the bet 11/4 I will use it


Like I said in my earlier response Mark..... "Not saying it isn't possible to profit from the strategy in theory", As you say and I agree..... 'Dutching is a great way of maximising overall profits and lowering losses' but...... A) Both of your selections have to be available at odds in excess of true chances in the first place cos Dutching alone won't turn a loss maker into a profitable venture and..... B) IIRC the OP wasn't Dutching, he was calculating returns to split stakes 50/50. I Dutch myself occasionally, usually when I end up with two in the same race and I can't discount either as a win bet. As you say it can be useful in some circumstances.