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Fifty points profit per month


Hi Guys, I've had a horrid last few days having contracted Covid last Friday and still have it.
I have not felt like doing much computer wise until today.
The above systems have amounted to nothing much and I'll drop it all for the time being.
Short term very bad news - but hopefully another layer of personal cell counts and immunity added - as G and all others says all the best for a speedy recovery
Thank you very much for your wishes. NigelRG NigelRG dave58 dave58 Chesham Chesham Graeme Graeme markfinn markfinn Sean Sean TomasZ TomasZ K kralken OnTheNod OnTheNod

I consider myself 85% better at present with just an annoying cough with not so copious amounts of phlegm!!
As a fairly fit able bodied man of fifty-five I can see how anyone not so able, could / can /do, get into serious complications just with the physical onslaught of this virus.
It is not nice at all and I would recommend to anyone who plans to contract Covid - get your tonsils taken out beforehand !!! 😂 Haha.....but no, mine put up a very good fight and I'm grateful.

I managed to grab the footballing program ArkRoyal ArkRoyal promoted the other day ( cgm ) before the offer went so I will be having a play with that.
Fifty points via horseracing may need new ideas and to be honest a little stretch of the imagination. It's fun trying but.......realistically :acute:

Thanks again everyone and I wish everyone on this forum......the very best.