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..... I was browsing through the clubelo.com website the other day and as I gazed through the very neat pages of ratings, I thought maybe this could lend it's hand to some form of comparison with those of The Paul Steele Power Ratings which I penned recently. The site does look very neat and tidy and immaculate in appearance and as all the rating work is already done for me, I thought why not make use of the data. So I will continue this for a while and see just where it leads us but I thought I would keep it on a separate thread and use it as a weekly comparison. Here are the elo ratings as picked up directly from their site:-

Arsenal 1862 v Aston V 1612 1
Chelsea 1855 v Liverpool 2034 2
Southampton 1682 v Bournemouth 1692 X
Leicester 1747 v Tottenham H 1886 2
Burnley 1685 v Norwich 1643 X
Everton 1750 v Sheffield U 1620 1
Manchester C 2029 v Watford 1653 1
Newcastle U 1703 v Brighton & H A 1618 1
Crystal P 1737 v Wolves 1714 X
West Ham U 1734 v Manchester U 1836 2

Will only review these through the EPL until we have sight as to just how effective they may be. Could be all fun and games. ;)


..... well another weekend's soccer over and not a lot to show for it. The Elo ratings were not exactly miraculous. Once again I suppose we could not expect an awful lot as after all there are only six games played and not too much to base any ratings on with any degree of certainty. I will have a look at the next fixtures and be back with another load shortly. I hear you say ..... UGH! but really there is no need to watch if you don't want to. I'll persevere and hope for improvement of 4 correct from 10. :doh:


..... been waiting for the Elo Ratings website to update it's records, so all completed now and I will enter these below with the anticipated prediction.

Sheffield U 1639 v Liverpool 2040 -401 2
Aston V 1610 v Burnley 1693 - 83 2
Bournemouth 1705 v West Ham U 1748 -43 2
Chelsea 1850 v Brighton & H A 1623 227 1
Crystal P 1735 v Norwich C 1636 99 1
Tottenham H 1876 v Southampton T 1669 207 1
Wolves 1704 v Watford 1651 53 1
Everton 1732 v Manchester C 2032 -300 2
Leicester C 1757 v Newcastle U 1699 58 1
Manchester U 1825 v Arsenal 1876 -51 2

..... On an interesting note it is good to see Liverpool as currently the top team in the overall ratings table 8 pts ahead of Manchester City. There are also 4 English teams in the top 6 and 5 English teams overall in the top 10 with Manchester United lurking in thirteenth position. :eek:



..... still one game to be completed Monday evening Manchester United v Arsenal so all will be updated after that match. ;)


So another week looms up and here ar the updated ratings and anticipated predictions form those ratings:-

Brighton & H A 1623 v Tottenham H 1876 -233 2
Burnley 1693 v Everton 1732 -32 2
Liverpool 2040 v Leicester C 1757 283 1
Norwich C 1636 v Aston V 1610 26 X
Watford 1651 v Sheffield U 1639 12 X
West Ham U 1748 v Crystal P 1735 13 X
Manchester C 2032 v Wolves 1704 328 1
Southampton T 1669 v Chelsea 1850 -119 2
Arsenal v Bournemouth 1705 To follow
Newcastle U 1699 v Manchester U To follow

Will be back to update after the Man.Utd v Arsenal game tonight. ;)
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.... cannot seem to get back to the thread above to edit, so will have to cobble the Arsenal and Newcastle games on here.

Arsenal 1876 v Bournemouth 1705 171 1
Newcastle U 1699 v Manchester U 1825 -126 2

So these two games should be up above but cannot see an edit button as I have already edited once. :eek:


..... thanks to you two administrators, my fault because I thought that you could edit a number of times as I have done on other sites previously. Always a learning curve gents. :)


..... just had another small dabble on matches taken from the Elo Ratings above. This time I have mixed feelings hence the way I have gone this time:-
Arsenal, West Ham U and Watford all to win @ odds 6.05. Will keep the fingers and toes crossed. :eek:


.... in what was a very strange week for football ratings on the whole, Elo Ratings just managed to edge out the Paul Steele Power Ratings by 4 correct to 3. Certainly some shocks around and the city of Manchester must be wondering what it is all about when both City and United were defeated. Look at Tottenham too when Brighton took them apart by three clear goals and even West Ham who had been playing well, also lost to Crystal Palace. A strange week. :crazy:


..... I know there is an International break with limited football around, but I thought I would still post the ratings for the next round of matches for the EPL which I believe is around Saturday 19th October, so I am well in advance and it gets it off my chest:-

Everton 1726 v West Ham U 1747 -21 X
Aston V 1609 v Brighton & H A 1618 9 X
Bournemouth 1703 v Norwich C 1628 95 1
Chelsea 1857 v Newcastle U 1686 171 1
Leicester C 1768 v Burnley 1691 77 1
Tottenham H 1858 v Watford 1642 216 1
Wolves 1716 v Southampton T 1665 51 1
Crystal P 1739 v Manchester C 2036 -297 2
Manchester U 1820 v Liverpool 2042 -222 2
Sheffield U 1636 v Arsenal 1878 -242 2

It is still good to see that in the overall Elo tables there are five English teams up there in the first ten places with Liverpool still the top overall team, followed by Man City, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea. Manchester United still not in this elite top ten and are still hanging around in thirteenth position. All beautifully portrayed on the very neat and tidy Clubelo pages. ;)


..... action starts on here again after a dull International Break. Will be interesting to see just how things turn out with the anticipated predictions. :eek:


What is the overall ELO tables that you talk about and how the heck can Spurs be in top 10 when they are only 9th in the Prem?


ArkRoyal ArkRoyal ...... hi there young fella, nice of you to drop in. The site I look at for Elo Ratings is:- Football Club Elo Ratings
Spurs have actually dropped a place since I did these ratings prior to the International Break, and are now in 11th position. Quite a nice neat site and very tidy ratings here. Cheers. ;)


I'm far from an expert on ELO Ratings, but just out of interest and because I can't sleep, I thought I'd try a comparison with another site (elofootball.com):

Chelsea FC2145Newcastle United1900
Tottenham Hotspur2048Watford FC1867
Manchester United2042Liverpool FC2310
Wolverhampton Wanderers1993Southampton FC1884
Leicester City1991Burnley FC1897
Crystal Palace1983Manchester City2304
Everton FC1936West Ham United1929
AFC Bournemouth1883Norwich City1833
Aston Villa1874Brighton & Hove Albion1845
Sheffield United1871Arsenal FC2126

Although Ratings are different, the results are the same as Dellboy99.


....... Quite amazing how very similar these ratings are. It just shows that the workings are very similar in the nature of the workings. Mind you I am not sure I would be around at ten minutes to four in the morning to dissect the contents. :eek: