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Early Market Possibles.


Back to my usual results on the AW yesterday :( . However, as i couldn't find a selection at Fakenham I have to go with Lingfield today

Lingfield (going forecast St) market odds from 09.40

1.40 Gold Standard 5/2
2.40 Arabescato 7/4
3.10 Cafe Sydney 15/8 (dangers G For Gabrial 7/2, Enzo 6/1)


Lingfield (going forecast St rain and snow) market odds from 09.35.

12.40 Maxine 7/2
1.10 La Tihaty 11/10 (danger Melody Of life 2/1)
1.40 Hey Ho Let's Go 85/40
2.10 Jennivere 11/5 ( dangers Little Sunflower 16/5, Twentysharesofgrey 9/2)
3.10 Passional 8/13


Wolverhampton (going forecast ST) market odds from 09.25

1.50 Egotistic 2/1
2.55 Tornado Queen 5/2 (danger Crimewave 5/1)
3.25 Born To Sire 2/1
3.55 Fleur Irlandaise 6/4 (danger Thematic 9/2)


Southwell (going forecast St to Sl snow showers) market odds from 10..15

12;.45 Lord Of The Alps 1/1 (danger Grimsthorpe Castle 4/1)
1.15 Thegreatestshowman 9/5 (dangers Slowmo 10/3, Giogiobbo 15/4)


Lingfield (going forecast St to Sl) market odds from 09.20

1.20 Ferrobin 5/2 (danger Molliana 4/1)
2.50 Quick Grabim 6/4
3.20 El Kaldoun 11/4


Exeter (going forecast S with some GS) market odds from 09.30.

1.40 Karl Phillipe 1/1
2.10 Trans Express 11/2? Delete entered in error should be Elysian Flame 11/2 - apologies for poor eyesight :cool: .
2.40 Eclair Surf 7/4
3.40 Amzac Magic 15/4
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Lingfield (going forecast St to Sl showers) market odds from 10.15.

1.10 Impressions Dream 10/3
2.15 Stay Smart 85/40


Late today owing to faffing a about clearing snow :( .

Lingfield (going forecast standard)

1.30 The Jean Genie 2/1 (danger Sublimal 5/2)
2.00 Ghaith 10/3


Looks like snow :( so I am off to sit by the wood stove with Patch, the Jack Russell ,(otherwise known as Captain Comfort as he hate the cold).

Lingfield (going forecast St and snow) market odds from 10.15. Suggested staking Ryder plan down the card stop-when-in-profit.
These are also currently the trainers in form.

12.40 Naries 10/3 (danger The Bull 9/1)
1.10 Global Style 11/5
1.40 Furzig 7/2
2.10 Rogue tide 5/1 (danger Light Up Our Stars 13/2)
3.10 Warrior brave 5/6
4.10 Power Over 5/4 (danger Spring Romance 13/2)


Back to my nemesis the AW as it's the only game in town :eek: .

Southwell (going forecast St to Slow with scattered showers) market odds from 09.40

1.25 King Of Stars 7/4 (danger Thegreatestshowman 4/1)
2.55 Maykir 7/4 (danger International Law 4/1)


With the going drying the strike-rate for these ought to improve.

Newcastle (going forecast S with some GS) market odds from 11.00. Ryder staking down the card stop-when-in-profit.

1.35 Wetlands 1/1
2.45 Robin Des Theatre 6/4
3.50 Hooligan 6/4
5.00 Foster's Isalnd 4/6


The four selections went in yesterday, so keep going buoyed up by that :D .

Fontwell (going forecast S with some GS) market odds from 09.25.

2.40 High Up In The Air 11/10
3.10 Brewin'upastorm 9/4
3.40 Fantastikas 1/1 (danger Brewers project 2/1)
4.40 Sametigal 4/11


Monday racing and not much for me to get enthused about.

Ayr (going forecast S) Market odds from 10.00.

1.20 Gold Cup Bailly 8/11
5.10 Wheres Maud Gone 8/13


Try Leicester owing to the fact that the more successful trainers are competing there.

Leicester(going forecast S) Market odds from 09.45.

2.10 Ring The Moon 7/4 (dangers Oakley Hall 15/4, Catlin 11/2)
3.10 Destin D'Ajonic 9/4
4/10 I'm Wiser Now 10/3


Ludlow (going forecast Chs GS, Hdl S - GS in places) market odds from 10.20

12.30 Qualismart 5/6
1.00 Gaeuk 2/1
3.50 Dieu Vivant 5/2


If I need to recoup any losses from the Wol 5.40 this will be the one :prankster: .

Wolverhampton (going forecast St)
6.10 Lucky's Dream 11/8 (mkt 10.30) (danger Galahad Threepwood 11/4)


Sandown (Hdl GS with some G, Chs G -showers) Market odds from 10.30.

1.55 Song Of The Hunter 5/2 (dangers Gericault Rogue 11/4, Starvoski 9/2)
3.05 Legale's Article 1/1 (dangers Method madness 11/4, Orbys legend 11/4)
3.40 Frero Banbou 3/1