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Early Market Possibles.


Just goes to show that how you bet can be as important as what you bet :) , so stop if in profit again!

Bev 2.20 Silver Sniper
Bev 3.20 Dancing Rave
New 4.45 Involved
Lin 6.10 Roundabout Magic (danger Something Lucky)
Yar 7.00 Gigi's Beach (danger Sparkling Diamond)
Yar 7.30 Cold Front
Lin 7.45 Savitar


Disaster strikes due to short winning odds now 14 points adrift. Try one more day chasing losses with the J Ryder staking plan commencing with 6 points stop-when-in-profit.

Kem 12.15 Becker (danger King Robert)
Wol 1.00 Jojo Rabbit
1.30 Shoot To Kill
Kem 4.15 Who Told Jo Jo
New 5.25 Jackstar
New 6.25 Moll Davis


Virtually drew level at one stage yesterday and then went behind again. Not chasing any more as it's a bind - and can get you into one :eek:. Today on the nose but only for those that go off 6/4 or longer. Market odds shown from around 10.05.

New 12.45 Fortune And Glory 10/3
San 3.45 Byzantine Empire 7/2
Lei 7.00 Camouflaged 5/2
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Now that the form is starting to come through it could pay to consider these.

Ascot (going forecast G with some GS)
2.25 Quadrilateral 11/4 (danger Run Wild 9/2)
3.00 Pinatubo 13/8 (dangers Wichita 2/1, Palace Pier 7/2)
3.35 Sceptical (10/3)
4.40 Nate The Grate 11/2


Good card for a Monday north of the border so it's tartan face masks to match your kilt at the ready - Och aye the noo! :prankster:. Try J Ryder staking down-the-card stop-when-in-profit.

Ayr (going forecast GF watered showers) Market odds shown from 09.35

1.40 Meshakel 8/13
2.40 Lincoln Red 11/10
3.10 Mr Wagyu 7/2
4.50 Oakenshield 2/1 (danger Gobi Sunset 4/1)
5.20 Tadleel 2/1
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Haydock (going forecast G with some GF) Market odds shown from 08.30
Suggested staking J Ryder plan down the card stop-when-in-profit.

12.45 Solo Saxaphone 13/8
1.45 Aljady 5/2 (danger Matagally 4/1)
2.15 Fortune And Glory 5/2
3.45 Sootability 9/4 (danger Antice lady 5/1)
4.50 Tigerskin 11/8 (danger The Dancing Poet 5/1)


Doncaster (going forecast GF watered thunderstorms?) Market odds shown from 10.05
Stick with the J Ryder staking plan down the card stop-when -in-profit.

12.15 Abel Handy 5/2 (danger national Anthem 4/1.
1.50 La Trinidad (11/5)
2.25 Double Martini 4/1
2.55 Magical Warning 9/5
3.25 Lacan 9/5
3.55 Harrovian 2/1
4.30 Our Charlie brown 3/1
5.05 Dubious Affair 7/4 (danger Zuba 16/5)


Went well yesterday but not unexpected as we are at that traditional time of the season where fav backers have always done well. I do wish the layers would keep to traditional odds, I think they have been watching too much American racing during the pandemic! :( .

Newmarket (going forecast GF with some G watered) Market odds shown from 09.20
Stick with J Ryder staking down the card stop-when-in-profit for safety. Taking more risk try the old roulette staking plan for even money spins, at least it sticks to risking one point level stakes overall , which is never a bad idea :).

2.05 Boccaccio 9/4
3.15 Volkan Star 7/5
4.25 Pure beauty 11/10 (dangers PerfectInch 3/1, Award Scheme 7/2)
5.00 Al Qadaa 5/6 (danger Moomba 11/5)
5.35 Delta's Royalty (danger Walkonby 9/5)

Roulette staking for even money chances:

1. Stake 1 point a bet until a winner.
2. Next bet stake total return point plus a further 1 point.
3. Next bet stake the total return.
4. Next bet win or lose return to a 1 point stake. (a running treble at 1/1 = 10 profit. In racing with odds of 2/1 say you could stop at the double).


Safety first wins the day yesterday. Let's hear it for J Ryder staking stop-when-in-profit :) . Today down the cards by time stop-when-in profit.

Newmarket and Windsor (going forecast GF with some G watered) Market odds shown from around 08.30.

Wnd 12.15 Rooster 15/8 (dangers Lockdown 2/1, Nurse Florence 9/2)
Wnd 12.45 Rideson 5/4 (danger Bring Him Home 7/2)
Nwm 1.00 Eastern World 4/5 (danger Lawahed 15/8)
Wnd 1.20 Magic Sky 7/4
Wnd 2.25 Repartee 15/8
Nwm 3.20 Ascension 1/1 (Buhturi 5/2)


Just snook in with a small profit yesterday but many a mickle makes a muckle as any Scot will tell you - whatever that means?

Windsor (going forecast GF watered) Market odds from 08.55.

1.50 Fromnowon 2/1 (danger Shoot The Moon 5/2)
2.50 Roman Melody 3/1 (danger De Bruyne Horse 4/1)
3.50 Calatrava 4/1
5.20 Severance 6/5


Doncaster (going forecast GF watered) suggested staking stop-when-in-profit. Market odds shown from 08.50

12.30 Digital 7/4 (danger Rolfe Rembrandt 10/3)
1.00 She Do 5/4 (danger Zoetic 5/1)
2.00 Ice Lord 10/3 (danger Wentworth Falls 9/2)
3.00 Folk Dance 9/2 (danger Fantasy Believer 6/1)
3.30 Mathew Flinders 13/8
4.00 Senser 15/8
4.30 Verify 9/4 (danger Squelch 5/1)
5.05 Revolver 8/11 (Single 4/1)
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Musselburgh (going forecast G watered showers) Market odds shown from 08.45. Staking J Ryder down the card stop-when-in-profit.

1.20 Infant Hercules 11/8 (danger Night Moment 6/4)
1.50 Gold Zabel 5/4 (danger Egrecio 85/40)
2.50 Harry George 13/8 A (danger Aegeus 3/1)
3.20 Lady Shanawell 6/4 (danger Imperial Focus 2/1 B)
3.50 Nearly There 85/40 B


Looks a poor days racing for punters on the UK mainland today IMO :( .

Catterick (going forecast G with some GS showers) Market odds shown from 08.25. Ryder staking down the card stop-when-in-profit.

1.50 Our Dave 5/2 (danger Inductive 5/1 B)
2.20 House Deposit 11/4 (danger Christmas Night 9/2)
3.20 Sly Minx 5/4 (danger Cheshire 7/2)


Swerved Haydock due to the going forecast Soft and showers.

Chepstow (going forecast G with some GF showers) Market odds shown from 08.50

12.15 Mitrosonfire 6/5
12.45 Muatamamisa 5/4 (danger Stream 5/2)
2.20 Sir Plato 7/4 (dangers Fieldsman 7/2, Madame Tantzy 4/1)
2.50 Queen Of Silca 7/4
3.20 La Musee 2/1 (dangers Red Royalist 3/1, Blazon 5/1)


Epsom (going forecast G showers) Market odds shown from 09.35.

2.25 Safe Voyage 1/1
3.40 Love 5/4 (dangers Frankly Darling 7/4, Ennistymon 5/1)
4.15 Fooraat 11/10 (danger Onassis 11/2)
4.55 English King 7/2 (dangers Kameko 9/2, Russian Express 5/1)


Sandown (going forecast G with some GF) Market odds shown from 08.30. Ryder staking Stop-when-in-profit.

21.15 Risk Of Thunder 6/5 (dangers Significantly 7/2, Gussy Mac 13/2)
1.50 Liberty Beach 9/4 (danger Lazuli 5/2)
3.00 Montatham 85/40 (danger Dark Vision 15/4)
3.35 Ghaiyyath 6/5
4.00 Magny Cours 7/2
5.10 Campari 15/4 (danger Star In The making 9/2)


Pontefract (going forecast GF with some G rain) Market odds shown from 08.45. Staking Ryder plan down the card stop-when -in- profit.

12.15 Crystal Pegasus 8/13 (Danger Sarvan 7/2)
1.50 Garsman 9/4
2.50 Frankelio 7/4 (dangers Angel's Whisper 9/4, Granite City Doc 13/2)
3.20 Salayel 3/1
3.55 Summerghand 1/1


Newbury (going forecast GS with some G watered) Market odds shown at 08.30. Ryder staking down the card stop-when-in-profit.

5.10 Ocean Eyes 4/1 (danger Isabella Giles 4/1)
5.40 Saluti 4/1 (danger Normandy Barriere 9/2)
7.10 Nova Roma 8/13 (danger Mersin 4/1)
8.10 Majestic Wood 7/4 (dangers Sorrel 4/1, Red Poppy 9/2)


Good card at HQ today so let's hope the rain does not get into the ground.

Newmarket (going forecast GS showers) Market expected odds from 08.40. Ryder plan staking down the card stop-when-in-profit.

12.10 She's So Nice 3/1
1.50 Lord Campari 5/4 (danger Magical Morning 4/1)
2.25 Dawn Rising 15/8 (dangers Al Aasy 5/2, Damage Control 3/1)
3.00 Qaader 15/8 (dangers Tactical 5/2, Swiss Ace 9/2)
4.10 Aldunak 10/3