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Early Market Possibles.


Exeter (going forecast S - showers) market odds shown from 09.45.

2.00 The Jitterbug 1/1
3.30 Jack Valentine 1/1
4.00 On The Road 9/4
4.30 Demopolis 6/4


Catterick (going forecast S - showers) market odds shown from 09.25

2.20 Flanagans Field 13/8
4.20 Fresh New Dawn 5/2 (dangers Mamoo 5/1, Scottish Accent 7/1)
4.50 Wishing And Hoping 4/11 ( danger Waterloo Warrior)


Downpatrick (going forecast S) market odds shown from 10.05

1.40 All About Joe 11/4 ( danger Barnaviddaun 5/1)
2.10 The Very Man 1/1 (danger Waajaha 3/1)
3.10 Cheb De Kervinidu 9/2 (danger Jimmil 13/2)
4.10 On The Sod 13/8


Clonmel (going forecast S with some Heavy?)

2.00 Farmix 7/4 (danger Coolagh Park 7/2)
3.00 Shantu Sisu 11/4
5.00 Frontal Assault 9/4


First time to apply the filters Stateside to test if they are viable across the pond?

Gulfstream (going turf firm , dirt fast) Market odds shown from 11.20.

6.00 Jack Beanstalk 5/1 e.w.
7.00 Mayito 5/2
9.05 Dominate Themoment 9/4
9.36 Preacher Marsee 5/2


Happy Valley (going forecast G) Ladbrokes odds 11.25

11.45 Kwai Chai Elite 5/2
12.15 Oversubscribed 3/1
12.45 Above 1/1
13.15 Electric lightning 10/3
13.45 Farm Bumper 9/4
14.15 Snow Airjet 4/1
14.45 Happy Good Guys 5/2
15.15 Ping Hai galaxy 4/1
15.50 Larson


Not tried for a couple of days and getting withdrawal symptoms now. Have to try even tho' my last couple on the Fineform thread were beaten by a 28/1 and 33/1 respectively, so not in a rich vein of form you could say :( . Just checked the ATR pro advice to see if they are doing any better:


18.15 Gran Causeway (danger King's castle)
18.45 Or'Effice
19.15 Chez Paree
19.45 Followhisfootsteps
20.17 Sweetheart Deal (danger Louisloupies)
20.48 Positive Phil
21.21 Just For One Day (danger Overdeliver)
21.53 Highland Grey (danger Just For One Day)
22.57 Island commish (danger South Bend)
23.59 Little Code

9 x 1 pt consecutive DBLS down the card on the first named. That ought to satisfy the craving :).
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I'm bored to tears - just kicked the dog for the helluv it :eek: . SHE said don't kick the dog! I said you're lucky I kicked the dog :D.

Anyway, how about these from the market around 14.00? Let's try the J Ryder staking plan so successful in the 1960's the Track Betting Agency stopped using it as it was killing the market :handgestures-thumbup:.

Gulfstream Park (dirt fast)

6.00 South Sea
6.34 Apache
7.07 Tipsy Again
7.39 Castillete
8.11 La Tres Jollie
8. 43 Carolyne's Smile
9.15 Nil
9.46 Champagneonme
10.17 Frosted Grace
10.47 Who's In Charge


hedgehog hedgehog, I think you are scratching around for something to do to come back to this :) .

This is from my notebook where I have it down as a staking plan to test against level stakes.

Commence with a 2 pt stake.
After each loser increase by 1 pt.
After a win at odds-on stay non the same stake
After a win at 1/1 reduce stake by 2 pts
After a win at 6/4 or longer reduce stake by 4 pts
Minimum stake is 2 pts.

Lyon (going forecast very soft) Just some tipped up selections to provide an example.

10.15 Princesse De Saba (2/1 mkt 09.45)
11.45 Pedro Del Rio (4/1)
12.50 Sassandra (5/2)
1.24 Salesman (6/4)
1.52 Skyward (6/4)
2.32 Bo Papa (5/2)


Do some more jollies to test with the J Ryder staking plan - gotta do something :D

Auteuil (going forecast very soft) Jumping and looks dodgy for punters IMO?

11.05 Purple light (10/3 mkt 10.40)
12.05 Nanosecond (11/4)
12.35 James Du Berlais (10/3) - WON 5/2
1.05 Nimes (4/5) *
1.35 Figuero (6/4)
3.15 Fantasia Du Rock (9/2) - WON 7/2

(Let's hear it for J Ryder :handgestures-thumbup: profit 14 pts and level stakes at the average of 3 pts per bet profit 6 pts)

* I attempted to assess this race earlier as it looks the only 'restricted' race on the card.

1.05 RP Spotlight selects Nimes.
Martet expected 09.55* no's 1, 3, 6 indicating a win restricted to these

1*. Nimes - 5/6 mkt - 5/4 ATR f/cst fair odds.
3*. Yes Indeed - 4/1 - 9/2
6* Shawnigan - 6/1 - 9/1

Comment: My fancy would be I'm Walkin 8/1/9/1 trainer and jockey with some form if it was 8 runners as an e.w. shot? Going against the grain :eek:
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Nice work Jackform Jackform with the J Ryder staking plan. I've noticed so long as Tampa bay doesn't go sloppy you can make a level stakes profit betting the unnamed 1st and 2nd favourite in each race on the card. I think that cries out for using the staking plan on favourites and 2nd favourites separately. Have you thought of using the plan this way?


So far tonight the staking plan is making a killing in the USA. usa racing seems to really favour favourites pardon the pun.


Fun! Fun! Fun! 4 U :handgestures-thumbup: - because I am bored now :(.

Remember the old Handicap Book Code?

Four selections to decipher at Deauville (going forecast GS)



MY form/class fancies down the card stop when in profit with the J Ryder staking plan.

Gulfstream Going forecast dirt Fs, turf Firm)

17.45. Scanno
18.15 (Nil)
18.45 Nowitna River
19.15 Winnipeg Wonder
19.46 Salsa Rita
20.16 Union Lane
20.49 Poseidons Princess
21.21 Bad Beat Brian
21.52 Win With Pride
22.24 Our Country
22.55 Bellas Fella


Here we go! Here we go! Here we go! Getting back on track :D . Staking J Ryder plan in descending order stop-when -in- profit.

Wol 2.40 Sepahi
Pon 4.20 Defence Treaty
Wol 5.20 Bavardages
Kem 6.00 Gossiping (danger Marshal Dan)
Yar 6.10 Tomshalfbrother
Kem 8.30 May Remain