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Early days


Report for : 09/06/2021
Flat Handicaps
Raw ratings: 3/28 Odds: 1.1 1.88 4.0 (Return: 9.98)
Mkt filter 2/16 Odds: 1.1 1.88 (Return: 4.98)

Flat Non - Handicaps
Raw ratings 2/12 Odds: 0.73 0.83 (Return: 3.56)
Mkt filter 2/6 Odds: 0.73 0.83 (Return: 3.56)

NH Handicaps
Raw ratings: 0/5 Odds: (Return: 0)
Mkt filter 0/1 Odds: (Return: 0)

NH Non - Handicaps
Raw ratings 1/2 Odds: 1.88 (Return: 2.88)
Mkt filter 0/0 Odds: (Return: 0)

Total Out = 47 Total return (raw) = 16.42
Total wins: 6 / 47
List of winners:
Cor 14:20:00 Logo Hunter (IRE) 1.73
Hay 14:35:00 Albahr 1.83
Yar 15:35:00 Mustazeed (IRE) 2.1
Hay 15:45:00 Sir Rumi (IRE) 2.88
Kem 19:30:00 Quick Breath 5.0
Fon 13:00:00 Blue Sans (IRE) 2.88

Sheesh, that's useless.
No picks today, three for tomorrow though -


  • 11-june.xlsx
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Report for : 10/06/2021
Flat Handicaps
Raw ratings: 3/26 Odds: 5.0 1.5 0.67 (Return: 10.17)
Mkt filter 2/16 Odds: 1.5 0.67 (Return: 4.17)

Flat Non - Handicaps
Raw ratings 2/13 Odds: 2.5 1.63 (Return: 6.13)
Mkt filter 1/5 Odds: 2.5 (Return: 3.5)

NH Handicaps
Raw ratings: 0/4 Odds: (Return: 0)
Mkt filter 0/3 Odds: (Return: 0)

NH Non - Handicaps
Raw ratings 2/2 Odds: 0.4 1.2 (Return: 3.6)
Mkt filter 2/2 Odds: 0.4 1.2 (Return: 3.6)

Total Out = 45 Total return (raw) = 19.9
Total wins: 7 / 45
List of winners:
New 13:45:00 Seattle Rock 3.5
New 14:55:00 Creative Flair (IRE) 2.63
Yar 15:10:00 Hesperis 6.0
Yar 16:20:00 Ariel (IRE) 2.5
Hay 20:30:00 Wink Of An Eye 1.67
Utt 17:40:00 Barely Famous (IRE) 1.4
Utt 19:10:00 Olympic Conqueror (IRE) 2.2

Not getting rich like that....

3 today, W 4/6, W2/5 and 2nd at 11/8 on the plus side I got a tiny profit from backing all three, but only thanks to odds boosts.... another one that was beaten by a short head, I might add..... this is getting to be like a Dick Francis novel, all my horses are getting nobbled!


9 meetings and just the one pick - I hope it turns out worthwhile!

One of the horses I have a miniscule share in, Glynn, is making his return tomorrow. Glynn looked a real good prospect 18 months or so back, won a decent race and looked to be a bit of a bargain... then he pretty much came to a stop halfway through his next couple of races, and he's had a wind op. He's supposed to be working okay, and hopes are high he'll be okay tomorrow - the ground ought to suit him too - but until he runs and finishes a race it's all a guessing game to be honest, he might be as good as new and run really well, or he might just get halfway round and give up trying again. The problem will be if he does stop of course, because frankly I don't think anyone has any idea why he stopped on previous runs, although after the last one his jockey (Nico De Boinville) did say he thought he heard a bit of a noise from Glynn.

So tomorrow is a bit of a crunch time, obviously I'm hoping he's back to his best and runs a blinder, otherwise my 'string' will be looking a bit less than sparkly as my other two are the Greater Good who hurt is back first time out and had to be retired and Asdaa who didn't do badly the other day just losing second at the line in a one mile AW race.... but Asdaa is dropping down the handicap and hasn't won in almost 20 runs so I#ve not had a lot to cheer for the past year or more!

Must be worse if you are one of the big owners I guess, for me the financial cost of it all only amounts to a dinner out really, it'd be a bit less appealing if I was forking out 25+ grand a year just to keep them stabled!

My wife's bet today did not win apparently, so her win rate (as far as she tells me about things) is about 98% now I guess. I expect Paddy Power are currently celebrating the 10p bonus.


  • 12-june.xlsx
    118.8 KB · Views: 5


Report for : 11/06/2021
Flat Handicaps
Raw ratings: 3/26 Odds: 2.5 3.33 4.0 (Return: 12.83)
Mkt filter 2/11 Odds: 2.5 3.33 (Return: 7.83)

Flat Non - Handicaps
Raw ratings 3/10 Odds: 0.62 1.0 4.0 (Return: 8.62)
Mkt filter 2/3 Odds: 0.62 1.0 (Return: 3.62)

NH Handicaps
Raw ratings: 1/13 Odds: 3.5 (Return: 4.5)
Mkt filter 1/9 Odds: 3.5 (Return: 4.5)

NH Non - Handicaps
Raw ratings 2/6 Odds: 0.67 0.4 (Return: 3.07)
Mkt filter 2/3 Odds: 0.67 0.4 (Return: 3.07)

Total Out = 55 Total return (raw) = 29.02
Total wins: 9 / 55
List of winners:
San 12:30:00 Mojomaker (IRE) 1.62
Yor 13:45:00 Jadhlaan 2.0
Che 15:45:00 Equally Fast 3.5
Fai 15:50:00 Silver Surfer 5.0
Goo 17:50:00 Quenelle Dor 4.33
Fai 17:55:00 New Society (IRE) 5.0
New 17:30:00 Kilmington Rose (IRE) 1.67
Ain 18:15:00 Koi Dodville (FR) 1.4
Ain 19:55:00 Solar Impulse (FR) 4.5


Only pick today fell 2 out while not looking that dangerous (except as a means of conveyance) . None for tomorrow.

Glynn ran very well thankfully, we'll have to see if his ability is as good as it once looked but he ran 3rd most of the way, took second before the last, and challenged all the way to the line - as I am sure this was a proving run for the stable, with Nico De Boinville's job being to check if the horse was actually sound - no wind problems that take a 2 mile gallop to surface - then Nicky Henderson probably left a bit to work on for next time, and a strong finish after 2m 4f was pretty near the best that could be hoped for.
I got 1/4 odds at 5/1, there's a BOG up to 11/2 there so I even made a few pennies out of the run.... not that it matters really as this is a hobby thank goodness, I just use money as a way of deciding if I know what I'm doing or not!

Busy place this when the sun shines, beach full of happy families seeing how many plastic bags, nappies, bottles, and - occasionally - children they can leave on the beach. It does my head in, and as britain has an awful lot of nice areas really it saddens me to see how people can be attracted to a 'nice bit' but then strew rubbish everywhere - if they don't like it being 'nice' then why come here? Beyond my ability to fathom frankly. I do have sympathy for those who visit and treat the place with some respect, I doubt they can enjoy parting with the hard earned just to end up sitting next to somebody who is one step short of fly tipping.

Grumpy sod me.



  • 13-june.xlsx
    58.8 KB · Views: 2


Nowt grumpy about that davejb davejb stuns me just how bad the litter problem is everywhere in the UK - whenever we go anywhere we pick up every last trace of us being there - it is not hard so why can't we all do it - remember Britain is supposed to be a green and pleasant land - not brown and mucky landfill


Report for : 12/06/2021
Flat Handicaps
Raw ratings: 1/28 Odds: 6.0 (Return: 7.0)
Mkt filter 0/15 Odds: (Return: 0)

Flat Non - Handicaps
Raw ratings 2/13 Odds: 1.5 0.29 (Return: 3.79)
Mkt filter 2/6 Odds: 1.5 0.29 (Return: 3.79)

NH Handicaps
Raw ratings: 2/14 Odds: 2.5 3.0 (Return: 7.5)
Mkt filter 1/7 Odds: 3.0 (Return: 4.0)

NH Non - Handicaps
Raw ratings 2/7 Odds: 1.1 1.38 (Return: 4.48)
Mkt filter 1/2 Odds: 1.1 (Return: 2.1)

Total Out = 62 Total return (raw) = 22.77
Total wins: 7 / 62
List of winners:
San 14:15:00 Atalis Bay 2.5
Bat 14:30:00 Clarendon House 1.29
Che 15:20:00 Side Shot 7.0
Dow 13:30:00 Butterflyvespiere (FR) 2.1
Hex 14:55:00 Itsnotyouitsme 3.5
Dow 17:00:00 Robin De Roost (IRE) 4.0
Wor 18:00:00 Mick Pastor (FR) 2.38

No picks today.
Tomorrow there are a few -



  • 14-june.xlsx
    87.9 KB · Views: 7


There is a feral community who as children were never told no. They are now adults and have their own children.
People talk about our generation destroying the planet whilst the culprit is a lot closer to home.


There is a feral community who as children were never told no. They are now adults and have their own children.
People talk about our generation destroying the planet whilst the culprit is a lot closer to home.
Yes things do not always change for the better. One of my dislikes is to hear children using the F word in public, but when they are growing up witnessing there parents doing likewise then its no wonder.


Report for : 13/06/2021
Flat Handicaps
Raw ratings: 4/12 Odds: 2.25 12.0 1.2 2.75 (Return: 22.2)
Mkt filter 3/5 Odds: 2.25 1.2 2.75 (Return: 9.2)

Flat Non - Handicaps
Raw ratings 1/8 Odds: 3.5 (Return: 4.5)
Mkt filter 0/2 Odds: (Return: 0)

NH Handicaps
Raw ratings: 1/4 Odds: 11.0 (Return: 12.0)
Mkt filter 0/1 Odds: (Return: 0)

NH Non - Handicaps
Raw ratings 2/4 Odds: 1.5 3.0 (Return: 6.5)
Mkt filter 2/2 Odds: 1.5 3.0 (Return: 6.5)

Total Out = 28 Total return (raw) = 45.2
Total wins: 8 / 28
List of winners:
Sal 14:38:00 Beyond Equal 3.25
Don 14:45:00 Golden Bugle 4.5
Gow 15:00:00 Sh Boom 13.0
Don 16:15:00 Akkeringa 2.2
Gow 17:30:00 Moddy Poddle (IRE) 3.75
Dow 13:50:00 Fakir Dalene (FR) 2.5
Dow 16:20:00 Massons Castle 12.0
Dow 17:20:00 Carrigmoorna Elm (IRE) 4.0

Did well in Ireland there.
Today's picks - all 4 of them lost, damn.
No picks tomorrow.

Well, Royal Ascot again then eh? There's a few reputations on the line - John (and Thady) Gosden look to have the fancied ones for the first couple of races, Frankie and Palace Pier certainly look like the business in the opener while the Coventry is a bit more open it would appear. I'm looking forward to seeing how Battaash gets on in the King's Stand, I think people still expect him to play up and blow it but he was a cooler customer last year and 2/1 (currently) might seem a bit generous if he is able to contain the sputtering fuse until the gates open. The opposition isn't exactly without hope, and he is giving the younger runners a good few lbs, but with a horse this fast I sometimes think he almost doesn't notice the weight before he's got to the finish line. A favourite of mine so I am biased of course, but I'll be cheering him on.

I won't be betting much, if at all, but I'll enjoy watching top class horses running in top class races on a beautiful track on a summer's day... to be honest it's better than being there, no crowds and the beer is cheaper!

Enjoy the racing.

My wife wanted to go see Dream Horse - so we went today. We had the cinema to ourselves. A somewhat abridged life story of Dream Alliance, he went from a foal to running in a bumper in about 10 minutes, and you got the impression he ran about 6 times including a miraculous recovery from a tendon injury to win the Welsh National on his reappearance..... his career was rather longer than that, and has a fairly large number of PU's and the like, with what looks like a couple of years running at the back until he was retired aged 11 - odd really, they compressed his life quite dramatically, yet Mickey is a mouse who has been around since 1928 despite the average mouse living no more than 2 years.... somebody is playing with time! :D


  • 15-june.xlsx
    84.2 KB · Views: 29


davejb davejb i was taken by your final sentence Re Battaash. Does weight have less effect over shorter trips. ? My own thoughts are no because the pressure will be increased sooner but i have no evidence to support this and wonder if its an area our HRB members have investigated. ?

I think less applicable to your picks 9-5 but 9-10 > can still be a stopper in a sprint.
Last edited:


I think with Battaash it is whether the equine ageing process is catching up with him. He is a 7yo now so in comparision he is about 28 years of age in human terms and for the last two years he's been about 24 years. He meets a 3yo today in comparison an 18yo and has to give her 10lbs.


Since 2013 the record of 5yos-7yos who have won a Group 1 in this reads 110211
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I don't think the weight proved too much for him today, my personal thought is that the tactic attempted was 'hit the front and hold on, hope nobody close behind has a good finish left in them' - you might also think of this as an attempt to demoralise the opposition seeing him go forward with a couple to run - but in reality I think the pace was such as to really cry out for a late run from someone, and in the winner they found a horse who had a decent bit left in the tank.

The age angle is also worth considering - my own class 5 handicapper Asdaa was a 7f runner, but now he's a bit older he really needs a mile - his speed isn't quite the same as it was but he's able to stretch the energy out a little further (yes, I do appreciate the class gap between Asdaa and Battaash is rather huge), while another sprinter I've paid attention to over the years from the Elite racing club is Judicial, he's another who probably hasn't quite got the raw speed of his youth but has managed to shine over an extra furlong in his 'old age' (well, he's about 30 - 35 in our years now, being 9) - in fact Judicial has done pretty well over 6, although they still send him over 5 as well.

Or take me, I used to fairly blister the track, covering 100m (it was yards in my day of course) in well under a minute, these days I'm fairly slow but can go for miles, provided it's past 9.30 as my bus pass doesn't kick in 'till then,

It wasn't ever going to be an easy test though was it, some good fast horses in that lineup.... I mean Ornate isn't a slouch (although only an optimist could have imagined him figuring over the final 2f) and he went off at 250/1 - just totally outclassed by at least 10 of the rest, with nearly 5 grand to the 6th placed runner it was well worth a go.

Back to reality then...

Report for : 14/06/2021
Flat Handicaps
Raw ratings: 6/28 Odds: 11.0 1.75 5.0 2.25 1.75 8.5 (Return: 36.25)
Mkt filter 5/16 Odds: 11.0 1.75 5.0 2.25 1.75 (Return: 26.75)

Flat Non - Handicaps
Raw ratings 4/8 Odds: 0.67 0.57 2.75 0.25 (Return: 8.24)
Mkt filter 3/3 Odds: 0.67 0.57 0.25 (Return: 4.49)

NH Handicaps
Raw ratings: 1/5 Odds: 10.0 (Return: 11.0)
Mkt filter 1/4 Odds: 10.0 (Return: 11.0)

NH Non - Handicaps
Raw ratings 2/4 Odds: 3.5 3.0 (Return: 8.5)
Mkt filter 1/2 Odds: 3.5 (Return: 4.5)

Total Out = 45 Total return (raw) = 63.99
Total wins: 13 / 45
List of winners:
Lin 13:00:00 Cayman Moon 12.0
Gow 13:45:00 Seisai (IRE) 1.67
Car 13:55:00 Verreaux Eagle (IRE) 1.57
Lin 14:45:00 Adaay In Asia 3.75
Gow 14:55:00 Devious Dreamer (IRE) 2.75
Car 15:05:00 Fircombe Hall 6.0
Gow 16:30:00 Duquesa Beach (IRE) 3.25
Win 18:00:00 Canonized 1.25
Not 19:50:00 Tregony 2.75
Win 20:00:00 Mr Tyrrell (IRE) 9.5
Kil 16:40:00 Tarqueens Glory (IRE) 4.5
Kil 19:10:00 Demain Des LAube (FR) 4.0
Kil 19:40:00 The Wests Awake (IRE) 11.0

2 winning days on the trot, that's about as long as the winning run usually lasts so it was fun while it lasted :)
No picks today, tomorrow:

Glancing at tomorrow's cards Lady Bowthorpe is the first one to catch my eye in the 3.40 Duke of Cambridge stakes, and in the next I'm going to cheer Lord North on against Love - my ratings say Armoury for this race (4.20 Prince of Wales stakes) but as Love has been off the track since August I don't have any runs for her using my own standards....(hence the zero). This is a bit of a problem frankly, there are good horses coming out that have little or no form since I did the big data reset last autumn, which I wasn't really expecting by this point in the season - it just shows how long it takes to build a decent database up of results. (It probably also explains why, sometimes, I get a big priced winner that everyone thought a bit of a donkey!)

Time to walk the mighty Carra, Doom of Cats (at least that seems to be his opinion). Apparently his particular cross breed (Lurcher/Border Collie) all absolutely hate cats.

One funny story, if I can type it quick, sorry if it's a repeat - a couple of months back a lady sitting at the cafe across the road with her friend had a dog with her. Carra went to say hello, the lady with the dog was disinclined to chat (although her mate did a bit). When the mate asked after Carra's breed my wife said Lurcher/Border Collie and drew the only comment from the owner that she made
'My dog's a pedigree something something cross'.

Good job I wasn't there - my reaction on being told was 'ah, a pedigree mongrel then?'

Us mongrels will rule the Earth.... one day.


  • 16-june.xlsx
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Well done davejb davejb

My gripe is that when I go for may daily walk along the river, I always say “Hello “or “good morning “ to anyone I pass on the way. Around 8 in 10 will respond accordingly and the other two totally blank me . It does not stop me greeting people and over the years I have go to know lots of different couples and individuals who I now stop and chat with about all sorts of things when I next meet them on my walk.

There are so many interesting people out there and I think about those who can’t be bothered to respond to a “Good Morning” how much they are missing out on, by their lack of social skills


Agreed wholeheartedly!
It's okay here, one of the first things we commented on after we moved here was how easy it was to chat to people - there's a sort of dog owners social arrangement where anyone with a pooch in tow is considered fair game for a chat anyway, but even those who've forgotten to bring one tend to get involved at the drop of a hat. It helps to be in a block of flats with a fair percentage of retired folk, we've a fair bit in common with each other and lots of free time to gabble in!

My horse Glynn came out of the race fine, everyone is rather pleased with him, and he's travelled a few miles to Equiprep, which is the Elite/Owners Group horse 'spa' pretty much for a summer holiday. The horses go there if they need to recuperate from injuries, and for holidays, and the facilities are pretty great from a horsey point of view I'd imagine - swimming pool, paddocks and fields to relax with a few mates in, plenty of good food, and some really good staff who are very good at helping the horses put on condition and build themselves up before heading back into training. He is now rated 135 over hurdles, and expected to make up into a 3m chaser.... I think he'll be better over fences myself.

Battaash - his 4th is being attributed to the lack of a prep run, which sounds reasonable. I don't think I'd be knocking his rating down at all after today, it was a tough enough ask I think even if he had been fully fit.

Enough of the pondering for tonight, time to start thinking about bed.