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e-mail notification

Hi all, can anyone advise me how to turn of e-mail notifications alerting me to added posts in threads I take part in?
I'm getting far to many, it's OK while I'm able to keep on top of them but with a 2 week holiday coming up I envisage a full in box.


Click on your name, top right of the page to select your account details.
On the right hand side select Watched Threads, from there you should be able to turn off email alerts.
Thanks @ArkRoyal
I don't have any options on the right hand side??
If I click watched threads under 'Your Account' it takes me to a list of all threads I am involved with.
Under Settings>Preferences I have the 'and receive email notifications of replies' unticked but I still get email notifications.
As shown below.


Hi Mate,
I meant left hand side!
When you click on watched threads you get a list of the threads you are watching with check boxes
Tick the boxes and from the 'With selected' drop down choose Disable email notification.
I noticed today that the email notifications stopped containing the latest post content? All I get now is a blank notification? Wondered if anyone else noticed the same or is it just me?