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3.0 Carl Redanna 4/1,3.30 Carl Club Wexford, 4.00 Carl Where’s Jeff 9/2 £4 staked potential return £255.50

Reasons for selections:

Redanna Running well and can defy a 5lbs penalty; I don’t trust Burj although it seems to have good market support.

Club Wexford is another running very well and has 5lbd extra; I have had a back to lay bet on the stablemate Tadawol just in case that one wins.

Wheres Jeff is a clear favourite that is also running well, it should be suited by today’s going

A 3rd, a 2nd and the last pulled up (very strange as it dropped to even money on Betfair before that).

Original Bank £500 +£23.19 = £523.19 Balance C/Fwd. Equals 4.68 % ROI

4.50 Nott (3) Show Palace 11/2, 5.55 Leic (8) Leo Davinci 11/4, 6.55 Leic (9) Glorious Jem 11/4 = £4 stake with a potential return of £154.22

Reasons for selections: Very difficult to find a Trixie today

Show Palace looks like the one to be on though there is a strong market move for Atyaaf

Leo Davinci Running well and the one to beat.

Glorious Jem a bit of faith needed on the part of the trainer; I think that Stringybark Creek will burn himself up and not finish.

I have decide that should either the first or second leg produce a winner I will put in an in running “lay” bet on the next leg (if I’m around) of £4.21 at 1.95 so as to cover my Trixie cost should the horse run well but get beat. If the horse wins I lose £4 but I’m assured of a winning a double. If both the first and second leg lose I will place a win bet on the third leg with a view to recovering my Trixie cost and use Back/Lay to in order to have a small chance of getting out if the horse gets narrowly beat. These results don’t show on my Trixie bets bank.


Two unplaced selections where in both instances the trainer’s second string horse won the race!! The 3rd horse won at 5/1 ( I screwed up on a back/lay bet on Wheres Jeff and only won 66p as opposed to £4 to pay for my Trixie)

Original Bank £500 +£19.19 = £519.19 Balance C/Fwd. Equals 3.8 % ROI

5.10 Cart Our Kylie 9/2, 6.35 Newc Foolaad 7/1, 8.05 Chest Gabrial The Tiger 9/2 = £4 staked and potential return of £360.24

Reasons for selections:

Our Kylie, Running well and Beano’s trainer does not have a good record at Cartmel

Foolaad seems to be far better off with Copper Knight at the weights and is running well

Gabrial The Tiger has a plum draw and likes Chester


One winner 7/1, one 2nd 7/2f (1/2L) and one unplaced

Very strange day for the Equaliser. After getting the first winner at 7/1 I checked out the cash out on Sports Book. They were offering £16 profit when I had 2 legs and fancied horses to go. Yeah right! I laid Leo Davinci at 1.95 for £4.21; I was aghast that the price did not get matched. I then laid Glorius Jem but at 2.06 in running for £4.21. The horse drifted out to 6/1 and finished 7th. Guess what? The price got matched and I got my £4 Trixie money back. The narrative read something like chased leaders and every chance but weakened well inside the final furlong. I don’t understand how that got matched but I’m not complaining.

Original Bank £500 +£15.19 = £515.19 Balance C/Fwd. Equals 3.0 % ROI

1.50 NEWC (1) STAXTON 11/2, 5.15 NEWC, (3) MUBHIJ 10/3. 5.40 YORK (4) CLAIRE UNDERWOOD 3/1 = £4 STAKED POTENTIAL RETURN £184.16

Reasons for selections:

STAXTON, 4th last year and may win. Air Raid has lots to overcome but hats off to it if it does.

MUBHIJ CD winner running well

CLAIRE UNDERWOOD is preferred to My Boy Sepoy who has to prove it can win up in distance


Unseated rider 6/1, 7th 4/1 and 3rd 7/2f so nothing gained today. At least my back to lay on Gabrial The Tiger got matched (7.4 – 5.1) to clear £4 should it win. Although the horse finished 3rd the winner was trained by the same trainer R Fahey. This is the third time this week that a trainer’s second string has beaten my selection. Food for thought.

Original Bank £500 +£11.19 = £511.19 Balance C/Fwd. Equals 2.2 % ROI

2.35 Cart (1) Project Bluebook 3/1, 4.05 Uttox (8) The Clock is Ticking 10/3, 5.15 Uttox (4) Organdi 4/1 =£4 staked potential return £145.64

Reasons for selections:

Project Bluebook Up 4lbs but I think it will run well on this sharp course; has run well at Chester

The Clock is Ticking well supported in the market; Brave Eagle up 8lbs

Organdi again has good market support and most of the main experts expect a good run.

Even I was excited at the start of the 5.40 race at York having secured a double on the first two legs of my Trixie today. For anyone interested, after the first leg won Cash out on Sportsbook was offering £17.96 profit and after the second leg it was offering £69.94 versus a net profit of £224.75 hence I stayed in hoping for my first Trixie win. Not to be though and, although my horse was 11/4F it finished 5th. Never mind the net double paid £31.42 so I can’t complain.

Original Bank £500 +£11.19 + £31.42 = £542.61 Balance C/Fwd. Equals 8.5 % ROI. Not great returns for my first month but nonetheless my bank wouldn’t give me that would they?

LLLLLDLLLLLLLLLLDLLLLLLLLDLLLLLD is the sequence of losers and four doubles. The lowest balance remains at £457.19 which ironically equates to
about 8.5% off £500.

Pity I didn’t get the Trixie in for £227 I would have loved to increase my Trixie stakes from a total of £4 to £6. Another day awaits I’m sure.
Meanwhile, I am hoping to increase my winning strike rate through better racing analysis.

Despite the sequence outlined below, I have enough confidence to inject an extra £2k into my Trixie project. This means a total of £20 Trixie per day with 4 legs at £5. I will continue with my Back to lay bets at the rate of £10 per stake. This may not necessarily be the 3rd leg of the Trixie if there are no winners on the first two legs as the difference in the numbers of click on the lower priced selections can be substantial. So, let’s now turn up the heat.

Possibly, on weekdays there may be no Trixie as you know I like to stake on the quality races where the form is more reliable (Sovereign in the Irish Derby )haha).

I’m giving it a go.

LLLLLDLLLLLLLLLLDLLLLLLLLDLLLLLDL is the sequence of losers and four doubles. The lowest balance remains at £457.19 which ironically equates to about 7.6% off £500

4.30 PONTE (6) SMILE A SMILE 5/2, 7.45 WIN (8) EQUITATION 9/4, 8.30 CATT (7) EPONINA 9/4 = £20 staked with a potential return of £351.40 Prices are a bit skinny atm but I hope that BOG ensures a better return. Ideally, I would like to see at least £500 for a £20 stake

Reasons for selections

SMILE A SMILE Up 6lbs but a good run is expected from the Johnston horse

EQUITATION CD Winner, up slightly in class but should go well

EPONINA I feel that this one will run better than Rux Ruxx

I have made a tiny £2 back to lay on (5) Casement in the 4.30 AT 26 with a lay bet at 15.00 in running for £20.90.

I will consider a back/lay bet on Eponina should the first two legs of the Trixie lose

One 2nd, one 7th and a non-runner
Original Bank £542.61 -£4 = £538.61 Balance C/Fwd. Equals 7.7% ROI. CASH INJECTION AS ADVISED = £2.000 therefore Balance at 1/7/19 = £2,538.61 ROI N/A

Unlike yesterday I just can’t find three selections today worthy of a Trixie bet today.

I am attempting three back to lay bets 5.0 Bri Pink Flamingo £10@7.4 & £10 @ 5.2 (unmatched) Essaka a big danger. 7.15 Strat Inkmaster £10@ 7.6 & £10 @ 5.4 (unmatched) and 8.0 Chep Akavit £10@ 9.2 (matched) & £10 @ 7.0 for £20.90 in running.
I like the look of Never Be Enough in 4.15 Hamilton despite going up in grade.
With all the dangers lurking for the above selections I don’t feel that a Trixie would be appropriate.


One 6th 5/1, one 2nd 11/4f and another 2nd 11/4 2nd fav. The market tricked me with Smile a Smile 5/2 when I placed my bet and drifted to 5/1. Rousayan was described as unreliable but obviously held its form.

I did a back/lay on Eponina which sadly failed. I don’t include my back/lay results here’ just the Trixie results.

Original Bank £2,538.61 less £20 = £2,518.61 C/Fwd

3.30 Mus (1) Raselasad 10/3, 4.40 Thrsk (1) Wentworth Falls, 5.20 Worc (5) Skinflint = £20 stake with a potential return of £750.40

Reasons for selections:

Raselasad Good recent form and is taken to beat Tribal Warrior who has been off for over a year.

Wentworth Falls has the form to win as long as it does not leave it too late for its run.

Skinflint 0/8 under rules but ran well in a recent chase and let’s hope it does well back over timber.


No bet yesterday so the bank balance remains the same

Original Bank £2,538.61 less £20 = £2,518.61 C/Fwd

6.05 EPS (6) Tapis Libre 11/4, 7.15 (7) Highland Acclaim 7/2 and 8.00 Newb (3) With Caution = £20 stake with a potential return of £620.00

Reasons for selections:

TAPIS LIBRE Looks like coming into form and should win this race again despite being 11 years old now

HIGHLAND ACCLAIM needs to bounce back and Epsom is the place to do it

WITH CAUTION Looks to have a good chance of running well. Timeform and Sporting Life promoting Lady Dancealot but I’m not convinced


Two seconds and a third yesterday. Well done to Tribal Warrior, very strange that my horse went to 1.02 in running but got beaten a length.

Original Bank £2,518.61 less £20 = £2,498.61 C/Fwd

3.45 N.Ab. (8) Musical Stardust, 5.50 Hayd(2) Pioneering 8.30 Hayd ( 1) Reputation = £20 stake with a potential return of £727.80

Reasons for selections:

MUSICAL STARDUST Running well and has the assistance of Jonjo ONeil Jr.

PIONEERING Down in grade and the trainer is in great form. Mr Coco Bean is feared most.

REPUTATION Has a lot of weight but is the class act.

Two fourths and a 6th today so didn’t get in a blow. I did a back/lay on with caution at 5.0 with a lay bet at 2.88 but this failed as it came 4th at 7/2

Original Bank £2,498.61 less £20 = £2,478.61 C/Fwd

3.0 San (8) Muchly, 3.15 HD (1) First Eleven 4.10 San (5) Magical Wish = £20 stake with potential return £501.40

Reasons for selections:

No time for explanations today


No luck back/lay on Reputation. Drifted in the market and got out of the trade. Yet another horse that got loaded into the stalls last and almost fell out. Ran on well at the finish

Original Bank £2,478.61 less £20 = £2,458.61 C/Fwd

2.00 Ayr (7) Magic Twist 11/4, 4.40 Ayr (2) Global Spirit 9/4, 4.50 (2) Asylo 5/2 = £4 stake with a potential return of £396.60

Reasons for selections:

Not much to choose from today but I have found the best ones. The odds are a bit skinny but I hope that BOG will be of some help. I will be a bit choked if Five Helmets wins the 2.30 at Ayr as I do fancy that one

One 3rd 10/3, 11th 7/2J and 2nd 7/4F; did a back/Lay on this one £10 @ 3.95 and £21.05@ 1.47 although only beaten a neck I had real difficulty in getting my 1.47 price matched. Luckily I did

Original Bank £2,538.61 less £100 = £2,438.61 C/Fwd ROI N/A

Nb made an error on my balances from 1st July but is now corrected.

2.15 Worc (5) The Manuscript (4/1), 7.10 Rip (8) Ventura Royal 5/1 and 8.40 Rip (2) Fairy Fast 5/2 = £4 stake with the potential return of £867.40

Reasons for selections:

No time for this today

One third 3/1, one winner (just) 11/8f and one 4th at 7/2 hence a losing day. I noticed that Sportsbook was offering me to take a hit of £7 if I wanted to cash out on the 3rd leg versus a potential profit of £56 so I just went along for the ride. One bot of luck was that I got home in time for the 2.30 at Ayr and made a back/lay bet on Five Helmets. Luckily this paid off with a winner and I received £20.70 to pay for my Trixie. This does not affect my Trixie figures though, just my real bank account.

Original Bank £2,538.61 less £120 = £2,418.61 C/Fwd ROI N/A

4.0 Wolv(3) Poets Pride 5/2, 5.15 Ponte (5) Quoteline Direct 3/1 & 8.20 Uttox (4) Farmer Boy 9/2) = £20 stake with potential return of £661.20

Reasons for selections:

POETS PRIDE is in terrific form and can defy a 7lb rise in the weights.

QUOTELINE DIRECT won the race last year and is weighted almost to be on equal terms with Edgar Alan Poe. Did not have a clear run in that race and I am hopeful will come out on top today

FARMER BOY has solid credentials and is taken to beat the market hotpot Oscar Maguire. Mrs Miggins has to be feared


Complete disaster today; 9th 9/2, last 7/2 and 9th 9/2. I even got it wrong with my back/lay in the third leg. Let#s forget it and move on

Original Bank £2,538.61 less £140 = £2,398.61 C/Fwd ROI N/A

4.20 Yar (1)Raucus 5/2, 7.45 KM (2) Victory Chime 7/2 and 8.15 Km (13) Blazon 4/1 = £4 staked with potential return of £672.40

Reasons for selections:

RAUCUS has more class2 experience

VICTORY CHIME has arguably been running better than Get Back Get Back

BLAZON I am hoping that Sylevster will work the oracle and get this one back on track


One 4th 9/2, 4th 5/2 and 4th 4/1

Original Bank £2,538.61 less £160 = £2,378.61 C/Fwd ROI N/A


Winner 10/3, 5th 4/1 and 5th 4/1

Original Bank £2,538.61 less £180 = £2,358.61 C/Fwd ROI N/A

3.35 NM (3) One Master 5/2, 4.45 NM (3) Breathtaking Look 4/1, York 5.30 (1) Irreverent 3/1 = £20 stake with a potential return of £607.40

Reason fro selections: no time today


No Trixie yesterday so ban remains the same.

Original Bank £2,538.61 less £180 = £2,358.61 C/Fwd ROI N/A

2.40 YK (7) Weekender 5/2, 2.55 NM (2) Kings Command 3/1 and 4.00 (2) Beat The Bank 5/2 = £20 stake with a potential return of £446.20. I think that

Weekender is too short and I’m hoping its price will drift a bit so as to increase the potential return

Reason for selections

All top class selections today but I’m hoping that the form of Weekender will prove better than that of Gold Mount


One 2nd beaten neck 10/3, 7th 9/2JF, and 3rd 3/1F

Original Bank £2,538.61 less £180 = £2,338.61 C/Fwd ROI N/A

Only three class 3 races today and two of them with shorter odds than I like. The C4’s are not much better so I’ll give the Trixie’s a miss today.


A fourth at 3/1, an 8th at 9/4f and a winner at 2/1F so all well-fancied selections but not even a double achieved. My other bets almost paid for the Trixie so it’s not all bad.

Original Bank £2,538.61 less £200 = £2,318.61 C/Fwd ROI N/A