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This is just about daily betting. All I am trying to do is have a strategy of a daily Trixie that will be paid for by other bets. The traditional way would be to have a patent bet which is seven bets backing the three trixie selections to win. If you take this one step further then one shoud surely place more money on the win bets than the multiple bets. Hence, e.g one would place £2 on the individual selections and £1 one the multiples. So at least £6 on the singles and £4 and on the multiples. This is puting all ones eggs into one basket as far as I'm concerned. So I choose to back or lay something else. What is wrong with that? And, as far as back to lay bets are concerned this is a recognised strategy that has been around for years. This is usually based around a horse that is well known to lead or at least be very prominent throughout a race. One backs the horse and lays it off in running so as to secure a free bet. The hope is of course that the horse will continue to win. I treat it a bit differently by calculating that I anticipate the horse to run well whether it be a front runner or a hold up horse. My judgment is based upon the horse at least achieving improvement beyond a calculated number of clicks on Betfair in order to secure a free bet. Let's see how it goes; this is not a get rich scheme it's all about getting value for money in betting and nothing else


Hi @The Equaliser

You would probably get a better response running a Thread for your Trixie Bets and one for your your Back Lay bets or I think you are describing Dobbing when you are looking for a particular run style for the Back/ Lay Bet

Also you get better responses to posts if there is some reasoning behind your bets (Selections) other wise it can be boring to read
OK Chesham,

I will run just one for the Trixie bets and another for my Lay bets from now on

I missed posting up today because of an initial error in login which was entirely my fault.

I will carry forward my accumulated figures to date just for completeness and transparity

3.20 Perth Green Zone, 3.40 Godwood Orinswift, 5.15 Goodwood Sir Busker = £4 staked with a potential win of £255.48


No win yesterday

Original Bank £500 less £17.61 Trixies and £13.20 on other bets = £469.19 C/Forward

No lay bet today. I will be running a seperate thread for these from tomorrow as this seem confusing to a lot of people

3.15 STRAT (6) His Dream 5/1, 4.0 Leic. (3)Thorn 11/2 and 4.45 Strat (5) King Monroe 6/1 = £4 stake with potential win £399.48


One winner and second yesterday so a blank day. Idid a back to lay on Sir Busker and won £4.27 but this doesn't count towards results

Opening Bank £500 less £21.61 = £478.39 C/fwd (this is for Trixie bets only)