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Daily Racing Insight


Has the highest LTO Performance Figure 75.7

We have two runners in the 2m 4f conditions chase. Bachasson (Paul) ran a cracker in the Coral Cup at Cheltenham but hasn’t run over fences since last year’s Gold Cup. We are running him back a little soon but, with the uncertainty about how long racing can continue, we are letting him take his chance. He will like this ground and on his best form he has a great chance. Bonbon Au Miel (Danny) pulled up in a handicap chase at Naas a couple of weeks ago and would need to improve significantly to win today.
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I wondered if anyone has a view on the Trigger’s chance in the 4.30?

Although this looks slightly harder on OR he still seems reasonably well treated.

Can he recover as an 11yo (second oldest in field) after running just 2 days ago up the uphill finish on soft ground at Down Patrick? He has only raced twice within 10 days before achieving 1 place.

All his wins are on GF/G ground but the other day’s performance shows he is capable on the surface. Today sees him also return to a distance he has previously won at. In addition his narrow conqueror, Golden sunset was in good form.

Bacchasson is flagged as a qualifier under my Mullins system but mlmrob’s comments make me regard it with caution and the price does not appeal.


Announced this afternoon. All Irish racing cancelled, until at least April 19th, When all measures in place in Ireland re: Virus will be reviewed.
This has sabotaged Mondays Racing Post headline " English punter lands a huge Lincoln touch as Insignia Of Rank backed from 66/1 > 5/2 wins by 3 lens" A Paddy Power spokesperson said "We can make no comment as post race our head of trading locked himself in the Loo, and remains there ( now under guard). Word is that mick mick has just bought his local Waitrose so that he can panic buy in peace. :)


Trouble is mick mick it seems we are the only one's who think so.:D
Fair dues boring is not something i have ever been accused of. I have one of those rare life time good mates commencing from our teenage years, and to this day he persists in describing me as Unhinged unpredictable and unbalanced, usually followed by grossly exaggerated tales and examples. I still take serious exception to this because even now as then there is nothing wrong with my balance. :)
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The sport of kings has always had conspiracy theories and is part of the attraction for me.

How much money in total was bet to win / lay in the days of where no one can get a bet on. From memory both horses were 1st and 2nd favs before flip flopping and now many accounts will now have been closed or reduced to 50p for the next bet. I have never heard of Johnny Ward but should someone not put him out of his misery and tell him this story has been done and dusted many times over the centuries.