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Courtside tennis traders


Read somewhere on another forum on how the shrewd traders made guaranteed profit betting on tennis matches.
Its common knowledge about the advantage courtsiders and laptops used have inplay on betfair but did you know that before even this you could gain a massive advantage on Eurosport Germany on satellite 19.0 east.
This was due to this channel being an analogue signal and it was way faster than our sky digital signal.
Just goes to show there are some smart people in this inplay game on Betfair.
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The Courtsiding Times more or less are over ,at least with Tennis,since Bet365 took heavy Restrictions after some Guy widely broadcasted what he was doing in Front of a BBC Documentation. Now every Joe and his Dog are trying to make some easy Money. Its sad,since i used to be involved in such Things. However,every Thing which is too good to be true comes to an End. Courtsiding with Exchanges i would dismiss anyway.