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I had a call from my GP's surgery yesterday and accepted an appointment at a localish (5 or 6 miles away) vaccination centre for 9.35am this morning.

I was jabbed a couple of minutes before my appointment time and the longest part of the whole process was the 15 mins wait after being jabbed to make sure everything is ok.

The vaccination centre was very well organised - even down to them ensuring that people stayed the full 15 mins after being jabbed.

I was very impressed.


Media will now promote Boris and he will now go from zero to hero and Starmer will still think he is credible opposition.

I agree with you arkle55 arkle55 , but to me there is a big difference between Boris & Co getting us all (and themselves) into hot water and the NHS once again coming to the rescue.

As far as the media and general public, at large, are concerned it will probably overturn / diminish some of the anger that has built up about how we even got to the stage where we have well over 100,000 deaths.

I don't think it will do anything though for those who have lost loved ones, who will want to know why more wasn't done initially - particularly in relation to care homes


TheBluesBrother TheBluesBrother i have just ordered some, fed up of having to use windscreen wipers to clean the inside of my glasses so thank you for the info.
Currently when not driving i solve the problem by not wearing my glasses, i hope this makes me a better person as i tend to say hello to everyone i pass regardless of whether i know or like them owing to the fact that i cannot see them. :cool:
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No, sorry, not as far as I know - just my little joke.

I wish it were real, though - wouldn't that be great! (y)

Imagine wearing that in the supermarket and saying to one of the shelf-stackers, "I find your lack of toilet paper disturbing."
Or when the betting shops reopen " I find your refusal to take a tenner @ 12/1 disturbing " At the end of one of the previous lockdowns when the shops where allowed to reopen i read about a customer being told to remove his face mask so the staff would know if they where allowed to take a bet off him.
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Not so in all areas i am 67 and had my NHS letter > a week ago but when contacting my GP was advised to go to the nearest large centre ( 8 miles away ) as they had no idea when there next appointments would be available. !
Wow I don’t think I should be this far up the queue, only thing I can think of last time I went to the doctors I was 102kg (obese) and had high blood pressure , now 75kg (normal) and normal blood pressure. Maybe they contacted me because of these indicators for increased risk from COVID , no idea seems strange.


Just seen the below which might be the answer for some parts of the country.

An apparent fall in the number of Britons being vaccinated against COVID-19 each day is down to "supply fluctuations", England's deputy chief medical officer has told Sky News.

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam said it "will take a few months" before vaccine manufacturers are able to produce doses in a "steady routine", adding that "global supply restraints" have also hampered the UK's vaccine rollout.

He said: "There are always going to be supply fluctuations. These are new vaccines, by and large the manufacturers have not made them or anything like them before."