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Cash out before event


I apologise if this has been covered in another thread but I couldn't see it anywhere.

I have noticed, when placing footy accas, that my cash out before the games have started sometimes offers a greater cash out than my original stake. I usually only bet small stakes but an example is:

£10 stake on 6 fold acca... 2 hours later my cash out is £12.50 before the games kick off.

It isn't worth cashing for such small profit. However, If I had staked £1000 (example) then surely the cash out would have been £1250.

Is there anything to stop you staking a large amount and cashing out for a decent profit before the games?... I understand that it could go the other way and you could end up with a lower cash out than your stake but surely there's a method to determine which games are likely to offer an increased cash out?

For the cash out to become higher than the stake, would the odds of the individual games in the acca need to reduce or improve?... I assume they'd need to improve. Therefore, would it be worth looking for games where poor odds were being offered which were likely to improve.... Stick these in an acca and wait for the cash out to deliver a decent profit?


Hi C Chris80 welcome to the forum.
I don't bet on football, but surely if you have bet £10 and have the option to make £2.50 before the event starts then why not cash out and then put the £12.50 on the same bet, or am I missing something?
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Hi C Chris80 welcome to the forum.
I don't bet on football, but surely if you have bet £10 and have the option to make £2.50 before the event starts then why not cash out and then put the £12.50 on the same bet, or am I missing something?
If you have been offered £12.50 on the original £10 bet, this will be because the odds on your selection(s) have shortened, you have obtained overall value . The reason why is would be pointless cashing out the £12.50 and re-investing that amount on the same bet is that you would almost certainly have a possible return less than than if you kept the original £10 bet(because the odds have shortened), if for example they were offering £12.50 you would probably need to bet £13 or more at current odds to match the potential return of your original £10 bet.
This is because there will be a small percentage built in to the cash out offer to make it favour the bookies.


Hi, thanks for your replies and for welcoming me to the forum.

My intention would not be to reinvest the cash out amount on the same acca because, as Outlander said, the odds will have changed which would mean that reinvesting the larger cash out amount would not result in an increase of potential winnings.

My intention would be to take the cash out and pocket it... what I I couldn't get my head around was whether the cash out would increase (more than my original stake) if the odds were shortened or lengthened. I assumed that it would increase if the odds were lengthened because the potential payout, based on my original stake would be greater with lengthened odds. However, it appears to be the opposite of what I thought. The cash out will increase if the odds are shortened... I still don't get why the cash out would increase with shortened odds when shortened odds would deliver a smaller payout on the original stake amount.

With this in mind, is it a good idea to look for games where favourable odds are being offered, compile an acca with these games and wait to see if the odds shorten?... then walk away with the cash out profit.


C Chris80 Welcome
I'm surprised they offered you that cash-out because the only time I have had such is when one of the teams had already won, most changes in the football odds are fractional but the basic principle you outline ie odds reducing would be correct.


In my experience its quite rare to be offered a decent profit before the games have even kicked off, the exception being if you have early knowledge of teams fielding weakened teams or key players are missing, forget the English leagues as its common knowledge very quickly.