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Can singles show profit.

They didnt hang about that day and the stable had 2 from 2 yesterday.

One of them Starlight Legend, same owner, Mr Boniface Ho Ka Kui. Wonder if he is in the UK. He wants Deauville Legend to race in Hong Kong I read somewhere about a year ago.
Well looks like i am the man for seconds the way things have been lately but we go on and to be fair i think last three days racing been dissmal if honest.
Any way on we go to monday and there is three i think should go well and hopefully one will win for me.

This horse run its first ever grass race last time rearing in stalls yet running great race and droping in class again and droping a furlong there could be more to come yet.

I was going to make this my only bet but i have gave three now but this horse ran really well behind tees spirit in third with novello just in front of it which i wont lie i am worried about that being in the race but isleof lismore came out and won where as novello came out run last but that was good race so dont underestamate it.
And i gave a horse other day which just got beat who run behind isle of lismore.
I think it has improved too.

Had a wind op for this year and run a really good race last time out. this horse stays and i think track will suit and good draw.
Again not alot to go on tomorrow so i have done a little cover bet 2 places at 2 doubles.

This horse ran third to fair wind last time which must be better race than this and before that fair wind was second to isle of lismore who let me done today but there was reasons for that and in that race just infront of angle land was dream composer who won even bigger race so form more than solid for this, Funny enough same trainer as isle of lismore so will want cover money for today think will get bet in more than current 11/4.

In this i liked victorias falls last run 2nd last time as the fourth in the race was my bet today local music who got smashed and won all be it lower grade race, But this looks a lesser race to and would not be surprised for that reason this gets bet in too.
But i think carolus magnus is droping in grade for sure and run ok last twice when you think 7 fur york to short so should have put it spot on for this more realistic challange.
And being slow away wont have helped over shorter than needs, But if you go back to its run a year ago its thrown in here so thats why i bet the two.
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I should have played singles yesterday, but I'm testing a new theory I have on top trainers hitting more Fri & Sat and lesser trainers hitting the rest of the week - so I picked 8 horses and just played an E/W 8 Fold and £0.10 E/W doubles to keep my testing cheap, and I hit the following;

B Associates 20/1 SP 14/1 (Iain Jardine)
Blazing Son 10/1 (Bryan Smart)
Raintown 10/1 (J S Moore)
Kinetic Force 14/1 (Des Donovan)

I actually ended up slightly down with all the other bets I put on that didn't hit - it was definitely a day I should have backed all of these with singles, I would have been a fair bit up instead of slightly down, it often is the difference, and I need to remember this and start playing more singles on the bigger odds horses more often (the thing is, I often put my bets on then hope something comes back to play singles, and sometimes I don't get anything back until they all settle later, so I miss the singles).

Anyway, good luck with your selections.
You must have had bets on every single out sider of the day rb as you have well over 100 quid back on that line. And still loss.
Aye, bad day really, every big bet I put on lost, every small stakes bet I put on hit. Never mind eh, hopefully once I've finished testing my theory I can smash it one day :D
Well i have 2 i really like chances of tomorrow but i am bit early so will need wait till i can get on before mentioning them on here.
Lets hope can get ok prices as away ahead of game today than usual as didnt have much to study today or tomorrow.
And play golf tomorrow well i try to play more honest, compleatly lost my game last few years not playing enough is my reason but i am now thinking just crap.
Well got my bets on for tomorrow the two i like are.

You can forget last run as was to much up in class, but run before it at carlisle was nice time and the one that made running that day spring is sprung won nicely yesterday for me. You could argue mark is touch higher but everything right for big run for sure.

I know i dont jump to all weather much when plenty grass on but i did for best bet so far this season and doing so again for similar reason a grass horse who run a good race at windsor last time in decent time i know was fav and people will think was poor run, but has run well here to and i think of same mark will go really close here.Tried to give the as soon as could but already clipped from 5/1 to 3/1.
Best of luck gerry gerry , good to see one of mine on there , also Blue Day (still thinking about that one) was on my shortlist but also like City House in that one as well , might throw both of em in , gonna take the dog out and have a ponder
Well wasnt surprised jordan won like that great ,but back to next day and tomorrow does look poor yet again.
I am not going to go into it much as usual but i think these two should run a decent race although not as strong.

This horse run good race last time and i have bet two out of that race who finished first and second so form looks solid ok they where lesser races but so is this, stable banging in winners lately.

A other horse droping in class after good run and now with cheeks on, stable doing ok and same jockey as other one buick interesting booking on this one, seems to like ascot but has won going this way so hopefull should be fine.
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Well i wasnt strong on them today so not much lost.
But be disappointed if not a winner in these three tomorrow.