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Brain Teasers


1. A man was born on the Isle of Wight in 1938, on a date not divisible by 2, 3, or 5, and in a month that does not contain the letters "e" or "i". When does he become one year older?
Doh ! Ah, I wonder if there is a catch . Does he become one year older at 23.59 on the night before his birthday? That would be 31 st December. Maybe that’s why the question doesn’t ask for his date of birth?
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The various bonuses given by the betting companies to the punters made me think of this one.
It's a mathematical problem but not all of the parameters to solve it are given - you have to think what parameters are needed and the method to solve the problem of course.

Here it goes:

In the countryside there is a storage hut belonging to a farmer.
Inside the hut there are some pieces of cheese in various places and the mice who like the cheese run around and search for cheese.
The farmer who is a good guy decides to leave more pieces of cheese in the hut so the mice eat better.
As a result the mice out and around the hut hear of this and decide to pay a visit.

Evidently the idea of entering the hut is good in the beginning, because of more cheese, but also evidently as the mice population
grows it becomes difficult to find cheese.
So the extra mice decide to leave.
But the population inside the hut will fall so it again becomes advantageous for the mice to return.
But then again it becomes difficult and there is no reason for them to stay and so on.

What will happen in the end ?
My guess is that a steady state will eventually be reached in which the mice population will be in more or less the same situation
as the original mice in terms of finding cheese.
But is this really so and do we have any real life experiences of this type ?