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Betfair API


Just wondered if any members have any experience with the Betfair API?
Looking at the Betfair Developers Forum it seems that most of the posts are very old.

I was wondering if it would be practical to get Hosre Racing Market prices onto the forum via php scripts?


The Betfair API is one big mess. There are lots of over lapping redundant API calls. The error messages are often wrong and misleading. And different language bindings can have very different behaviors for the same API call!

But if you just want to scrap the prices and put it up for the forum shouldn't be too bad though. ;)


@arkroyal I have the bare bones of something in .NET if its any use to you Kev.. I set it up last year and actually forgot it existed until recently so it's incomplete but basically it has the login feature, manual race select feature and odds display feature so let me know if you want a ganders because i have a bit of free time today to go over it with you if you need..