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Best Over 2.5 Goals Tips

Hi @Luke350 I can't help you with the sites or apps as i dont use them
I find they are just table and stat based but there's so much more to it than stats
Try looking at the club's websites fans forums reports from renowned papers etc
The stats do take into effect loan signings , injuries, New managers, bad luck ,good luck etc etc

If you like the overs games the following teams may be of interest in the next few weeks
I try and find teams that are not getting the results but playing well or teams that are getting the rub of the green but not particularly playing well
These throw up good prices

In the championship BRENTFORD looks to have regressed since Smith left but the new manager Thomas Frank has them playing in the same style and they have been suffering with injuries and just no luck after dominating matches
Also from same league BLACKBURN are improving each week and are as good as anybody in the league they will score goals and 16/1 to be promoted in such a tight league is a good bet
In league one bet against PETERBOROUGH each week they seem to be on the back foot yet somehow manage still to get results if the luck deserts them then they could go into free fall very soon
In league two FOREST GREEN they create so many chances in there matches and have scored twice as many away than home there turn will come soon and they will be scoring 2s and 3s very soon
Any game involving these teams might be good for your overs
Good luck


@Luke350 It's not difficult to find free O/U 2.5 goal tips if you google for them......but it's always best to use and develop your own judgement in this regards.
One thing I like to do when betting 2.5 Overs (on Betfair, as most of my bookies accounts have been closed or restricted) is to ask for a higher price than the pre-game price. As you are probably aware, most goals don't usually arrive until half way though the 1st half - so why bet at 1.7 if you can get 2.1 odds? Add 20-25% (x1.2 x1.25) to the price and wait for it to be matched. If it doesn't, then no big deal.....more on to the next match.