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AW Results 8/2/13.

AW going allowances for 8/2/13.
Wolverhampton +0.10 (standard)
Dundalk +0.20 (standard to fast)
Jebel ali (UAE) +0.15 (standard)

AW going allowance table:
Fast +0.50s/f
Stand/Fast +0.18s/f to +0.40s/f
Standard -0.15s/f to +0.15s/f
Stand/Slow -0.48s/f to -0.18s/f
Slow -0.70s/f to -0.50s/f

Wolverhampton speed figures:(No WFA)
05:00 Holy Angel 5f 0.10 61
05:30 George Fenton 6f 0.10 59
06:00 Methaaly 6f 0.10 62
06:30 Newstead Abbey 6f 0.10 51
07:00 Broxbourne 1m6f 0.10 59
07:30 Flying Power 1m4f 0.1078
08:00 Welsh Sunrise 1m1½f 0.10 22
08:30 Rise To Glory 7f 0.10 49

Dundalk speed figures:(No WFA)
05:50 Khyber Pass 7f 0.20 70
06:20 Have A Nice Day 7f 0.20 54
06:50 Sacred Dragon 1m 0.20 55
07:20 Atticus Finch 1m 0.20 28
07:50 Salam Alaykum 1m2½f 0.20 71
08:20 Denis Of Kerry 1m4f 0.20 32
08:50 El Salvador 1m4f 0.20 76
09:20 Blue Ridge Lane 1m4f 0.20 65

Jebel ali (UAE) speed figures:(No WFA)
10:45 Periphery 1m 0.15 76
11:15 Kilt Rock 6f 0.15 99
11:45 Latkhaf 7f 0.15 79
12:15 Qannaas 1m 0.15 77
12:45 Izaaj 1m1f 0.15 82

Top ten speed figures (English only):(3yo+)
Wolverhampton (AW) 08-Feb-13 Flying Power 4/1J 78 (Class 4)
Wolverhampton (AW) 08-Feb-13 Illustrious Forest 11/2 70 (Class 4)
Wolverhampton (AW) 08-Feb-13 Sir Boss (IRE) 9/1 70 (Class 4)
Wolverhampton (AW) 08-Feb-13 Roman Flight (IRE) 8/1 69 (Class 4)
Wolverhampton (AW) 08-Feb-13 Boom To Bust (IRE) 20/1 68 (Class 4)
Wolverhampton (AW) 08-Feb-13 Tingo In The Tale (IRE) 5/2 65 (Class 5)
Wolverhampton (AW) 08-Feb-13 On The Hoof 7/1 65 (Class 4)
Wolverhampton (AW) 08-Feb-13 Monte Cavallo (SAF) 4/1J 64 (Class 4)
Wolverhampton (AW) 08-Feb-13 Methaaly (IRE) 4/1 62 (Class 6)
Wolverhampton (AW) 08-Feb-13 Holy Angel (IRE) 9/4F 61 (Class 6)

Improver's to note:
9.20 Dundalk Blue Ridge Lane +8 and Casimir Road +6

Pace figures: minimum standard for a true run race is +10.

05:00 Holy Angel 5f +9
05:30 George Fenton 6f +5
06:00 Methaaly 6f +6
06:30 Newstead Abbey 6f -5
07:00 Broxbourne 1m6f +8
07:30 Flying Power 1m4f +16
08:00 Welsh Sunrise 1m1½f -29
08:30 Rise To Glory 7f -10

05:50 Khyber Pass 7f +13
06:20 Have A Nice Day 7f +13
06:50 Sacred Dragon 1m -5
07:20 Atticus Finch 1m -20
07:50 Salam Alaykum 1m2½f +8
08:20 Denis Of Kerry 1m4f -29
08:50 El Salvador 1m4f +19
09:20 Blue Ridge Lane 1m4f +1

Jebel ali (UAE):
10:45 Periphery 1m -2
11:15 Kilt Rock 6f +21
11:45 Latkhaf 7f -12
12:15 Qannaas 1m -13
12:45 Izaaj 1m1f +6

Flat Ratings 2012/2013:
England ,Ireland, France & UAE

All Weather Speed Ratings:
Kempton, Lingfield, Southwell & Wolverhampton

Standard Times :