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Auto Profit Soccer

.... Portland a Timbers failed to do the business in the early hours and we went down on our second leg. They looked capable of taking this one really but must not have played up to their encouraging early form. I think too, I was wowed By the great price on offer and gave me a blinkered selection. Must remember not to be wowed like this in future, particularly an away selection which is usually taboo. Anyway, knuckles severely rapped, we march forward towards another day. If enough qualifiers back tomorrow to cover. ;)
..... after yesterday's failure we go forward again in a new series looking to get our first winner .
SHAMROCK R v Derry City Home Win @ odds 1.59
Irish Premier Kick Off 19.45. ;)
..... just looked on Livescore and found out that the Shamrock Rovers v Derry City game has been postponed, so no action tonight. ;)
.... so our first attempt to land a winner in this new series now falls to our Saturday selection:-
LOKOMOTIV v F C Ufa Home Win @ odds 1.61 Russian Premier Kick Off 14.30pm Saturday.
Looking to get this one off the mark for us.;)
..... wow! our Russian friends left it a bit tight as they only managed a solitary goal against poorish opposition. Nevertheless it was enough to get us off the first rung of the ladder in this new series and we look forward towards tomorrow hopefully to try our luck at number two in the series. If enough qualifiers I will be back to cover. ;)
OK our stake rides again today on a Danish Super League game.
AGF v A C Horsens kick off 13.00pm.
Going for our second successive winner today. ;)
.... mission accomplished as AGF nicely obliged with an easy looking 3-0 win. This gave us our second victory in this series and always nice to get both feet on that upward ladder. So hopefully we go forward again tomorrow in search of our third win on the trot. I will be looking to cover. ;)
.... not a lot to choose from for the APS selection fpr Monday. However I have one from the Paraguay Premier.
CERRO PORTENO v Sportivo Luqueno kick off 00.15am.
Looking for this to carry our third attempt for successive winners. ;)
... the early morning kick off must have suited the Mexico selection above. Our third selection gave us a steady victory by 2-0 and we bagged our third win on the trot. So we sit back and wait for tomorrow when we go again for an attempted win number four in this series. Hopefully there will be enough qualifiers to justify this coverage. ;)
.... been through the stats for Tuesday and there are quite a few suitable matches to choose. I have plumped for a good old English Championship match which does look decent.
READING v Wycombe W Home Win @ odds 1.57 kick off 20.00pm.
This carries our stake for the fourth attempt to land a winner in this series. ;)
.... so after a hard fought match Reading just managed to pull off a victory for us and keep the flag flying with a narrow 1-0 win over a Wycombe side they were expected to beat more easily. So we go forward to tomorrow looking for our fifth win on the bounce and I will be back to look after things. See you then. ;)
.... so having looked at the stats earlier tonight, I have plumped for a Swedish game.
OESTERS IF v Umera Home Win @ Odds 1.61 Kick Off 19.00pm.
This will carry our fifth stake and we are looking again for a win.;)
Nice call on Reading did a double on them and Cheltenham.. going well Delboy
.... actually was a harder scoreline than I expected. Thought Wycombe would be no match for them as they have just come up a division. Thought you were in hibernation, been away for a while. ;)
Yeah kinda been busy this year crazily enough.. been following the thread past 2/3 weeks and backed a lot of your winners
.... good to know that someone is getting something out of this. I keep striving to beat the record currently at twelve, but there always seems to be that odd underdog who comes out fighting and puts the brakes on things. ;)

Norn iron

I'm getting closer Del. I've lost my way a little bit with my betting to be honest. The horses have been a disaster so I've decided to concentrate on football from November.
What I can add to the site I'm not quite sure though! Hopefully the next week or 2 will bring some inspiration.
What I can add to the site I'm not quite sure though!
..... just mix in, one does not need to be inspired, build on the systems already there if one does not spring to mind. An odd idea or suggestion here and there , or indeed an encouraging comment spread out always helps the cause. There are far too many who come on to sites ready to break eggs with sticks, to coin a phrase, but end up, coming and going and leaving little behind, worthy of mention. The motto of the day is, "Do what you can however little." But keeping quiet or packing up without contribution is not the answer in my book. ;)
.... OK it's all over again bar the shouting! Oesters IF duly obliged this evening with a nice 2-0 win over Umeaa in our Finland match. This carried our stake for the fifth win on the trot as we look for daily winning selections. So tomorrow is another day and we go forward with a view to capturing our sixth winner. Will be here to cover. ;)