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Alternative BTTS - Value Method.

An Alternative BTTS – The Value Method.

Most punters appear to like matches which yield plenty of goals and the BTTS is one

of those popular bets. Choosing matches in which both teams need to score may not

be a too difficult task, however there is a tendency to get low odds for this outcome.

Some really good selections can usually be found in the odds range 1.50 – 1.70 if

research is done. This handy little strategy can help multiply your profits by using the

same principle.

The Method.

Back 1-1 @ odds 7.00 or above.

Back Over 2.50 goals @ 1.90 – 2.10

Staking will usually depend on the odds obtained.

This strategy draws upon the fact that the 1-1 score is most likely to occur in soccer

matches, whilst also being the minimum score required for a winning BTTS wager.

A little research is needed to find two evenly matched teams, none of these should be below odds of 2.00 prior to entering into any trades.


Newcastle U 2.50

Draw 3.25

Wolverhampton W 2.90


Back 1-1 @ 7.20 for £5.00

Back Over 2.50 goals @ 1.96 for £10.00

This brings various different possibilities to trade it out whilst inplay.

Hedging 1-1 (when still 1-1) and allowing Over 2.50 goals to run or hedge whilst leaving a free bet.

Leaving 1-1 and Over 2.50 goals (when still 1-1) as bets (guaranteed winner)

There may be some additional profit in the event of both teams failing to score and occasionally there could be an odd upset when players get sent off and it results in those teams losing their matches.

Example unwound.

At half time it remained 0-0. Wolverhampton went 1-0 up straight after the break, followed by an equalizer in the 80th minute by Newcastle United.

At this point 1-1 was traded at around 1.60 while Over 2.50 goals was available at below 3.00. Hedging 1-1 and over 2,50 goals at that point brought in a net profit of around £14.00.

The match ended as a 1-1 draw and if left to run the profit would have been £31.00 minus commission - £10 = around £20 after deductions. In case the game went over 2.50 goals prior to the end of the first half, then profit would have resulted in around £4.50. Stakes can be altered to suit according to profit margins required and by obtaining better odds.

Definitely food for thought! ;)
..... busy trialling this on paper. Six matches taken in and five of these have resulted in wins. Paper wins now total £55.38 staking £15 per match. 1-1 stakes £5 @ around 7.00, and Over 2.50 goals stakes = £10 @ around 2.10 or around that mark. So currently looks decent, but time will probably tell whether it is worth following, so it is merely a waiting game at the moment. ;)
..... looking at two matches tonight, paper bets.
Levante v Mallorca
General Diaz v Sol de America
Matches seven and eight in the trial. ;)
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.... both of the trial matches taken in this exercise for tonight, won. Levante match produced an Over 2.50 goals win and General Diaz match ended all square at 1-1 making both winners. The trial now stands at 8 selections with 7 of them winners and Profit stands at £89.98 for £15 stakes. Beginning to look quite promising at this stage. ;)
..... after yesterdays double success we have only one selection today in Romania Division 1.

Gas Metan Medias v Arges Pitesti kick off 16.00pm. Looking for 1-1 and Over 2.50 goals and maybe some trading or bets left to run depending on circumstances. ;)
.... things went a little wayward after the second home goal went in with 1-1 disappearing. Tried to hang on for the next goal to give us the win, but after looking unlikely I chose to cash out and reduce the loss. Total now stands at £82.82 after 9 selections with 7 wins. There is always tomorrow. ;)
.... looking at three matches today for this trial.
Strasbourg v Nice.
Osterunds v Falkenbergs
Trelleborgs v Joenkocpings Soedra.
Could be promising. ;)
.... the three chosen matches included in this trial resulted in one outright win and two which had to be traded out to avert losses. So the overall position was a small overall win of £4.22 to make the progressive total 12 selections, 10 wins and paper profit of £87.04. Hope to be able to cover more tomorrow. ;)
...... another three matches today to look at in this trial.
Charleroi v Antwerp.
Varazdin v Lokomotiva
F C Zbrojovka Brno v Bohemians 1905
Should be interesting.;)
..... not much room for scope with the three selections chosen today. Varazdin came in with a win when the 1-1 came good. the other two selections left very little scope to even trade some of it out before the final whistle went. With Match one at 1-0 and match 3 at 0-0 there was nothing to do but wait, but goals did not come. So overall a fiver loss over the three games was not exactly spelling disaster, and the system still shows decent profit at £82.04. Will see what comes up tomorrow. ;)
..... selected this match earlier but just got around to posting now.
De Graafschap v Den Bosch. Sorry for lateness. ;)
.... this game looked as if there was little happening in the way of goals but on the stroke of half time, the home side scored. The equalizer came in the 53rd minute and by 59 minutes our bet was successful when De Graafschap went ahead 2-1 and our Over 2.50 goals came good. There were three further goals in the remainder of the match, but we were long settled by then. So overall profit on this was £14.50 and our carried forward profit is now a decent £96.54 after 13 paper bets. ;)
.... having looked at the stats closely I have one selection for this method today.
Wimbledon v Charlton A kick off 5.30pm
Let's see how this one goes. ;)
..... another mission accomplished on paper as the Over 2.50 goals came in and increased our profit by £4.00 to make the overall paper total £100.54 after 14 bets. Beginning to look like we have a system here in the making. Back tomorrow for much of the same hopefully. ;)


Beginning to look like we have a system here in the making

Well done, I should go back to the beginning and read the rules with this one, anything more than back this one at this price is a little beyond my scope of imagination nowadays. You seem to be making it work though and that's down to nothing but hard work and determination.
anything more than back this one at this price
.... yes I know exactly what you mean. I have had this system among my strategies and files for around eight years now without any action until this trial. I got a whole bunch of strategies about 2012 and to be honest I could not be bothered with anything that was beyond straight forward betting and laying and letting the bets ride. I just brushed the dust off recently and thought it worthy of a trial. I have another one under cover currently doing trials but has not reached here as yet. Both of these I believe are down to earth no nonsense systems and may yet prove to be useful. At least they are both not full of rules like do this, do that and sometimes go on forever. I will quietly monitor both and hope they both prove to be fruitful over a period of time. ;)
..... looked long and hard today, but there was just no qualifiers, so one cannot get blood out of a stone. So nothing today but hope for some action tomorrow, back then.;)
I used to play a similar method to this and still do occasionally.
If I bet on a football match I would have to have access to it and be able to trade it if necessary.

My play was to simply find matches that looked like a draw - preferably 2-2 draws - and I would back the Draw at the start and the Over 2.5 goals.
Equal stakes on both. And trade it as I saw fit.

Your method here has the potential for higher profits, and it looks like not touching the 1-1 scoreline is the key to that.
Unless of course, it was 85 minutes plus, and the game looks fierce, you would cash out.
A lot of teams are happy with a draw, so good judgement needed either way.

Can't wait until you go live with this Delboy99 Delboy99 :)
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My play was to simply find matches that looked like a draw
.... very similar really. This method looks for two well matched teams and over 2.50 goals around 1.90 - 2.10. Also 1-1 has to be 7.0 or over for any matches to qualify. It is one thing using paper stakes of £15 per time but another thing to actually use them for real. When things go live maybe for starters I may half these stakes and for all results have been fairly good, I would want to tread warily in the initial stages and try and build up prior to increasing. The 1-1 scoreline is just as important as the Over 2.50 goals but one needs to keep an eye on the progress of the game and judge any trading out opportunities. ;)
Obviously the key here is that you have twice as much on the Over 2.5 goals as you do on the 1-1.
You could just work to points......1pt on 1-1 and 2pts on Over 2.5.....at the required odds you have stated.
Peeps can choose their own stakes......1pt would be a minimum of £2 on the exchange.

From what I have seen so far, getting to 1-1 means a winning bet all round whatever.......1-1 best result.....4pt profit.
2-1......3 or more goals......1pt profit.
0-0, 1-0, 0-1.......not much you can do here except hope, with whatever match time is left........3pt loss.
2-0 and 0-2.......cut your losses and trade out of the Over 2.5 goals.......0.5pt/1pt salvaged.....2pt/2.5pt loss.

Would that be about right?