• Hi Guest, The forum will be moving hosts on 26 July and as such will be closed from Midday until the move has completed.
    As we will be with new hosts it may take a while before DNS get updated so it could take while before you can get back on the forum.
    I think it will take at least 4 hours but could easily be 48!
    Ark Royal
  • There seems to be a problem with some alerts not being emailed to members. I have told the hosts and they are investigating.
  • Sorry for the ongoing issues that you may have been experiencing whilst using the forum lately

    It really is frustrating when the forum slows down or Server Error 500 pops up.

    Apparently the hosts acknowledge there is a problem.
    Thank you for using our services and sorry for the experienced delay!
    Unfortunately, these errors are due to a higher server load. Our senior department knows about the issue and they are working towards a permanent resolution of the issue, however, I'd advise you to consider using our new cPanel cloud solutions: https://www.tsohost.com/web-hosting

    I will have to investigate what the differences are with what We have know compared to the alternative service they want us to migrate to.
    Keep safe.

A question about video speed

A friend of mine is spending his time during lockdown watching old racing videos.
He says that he was measuring wire to wire times using a stopwatch and found discrepancies with those published in the press.
Is it possible ?
When we are watching a video in youtube and it's not slow motion replay or fast forward, is n't the speed of time always identical to the speed in real life ?
I mean suppose Timo Werner shoots the ball for Chelsea's fourth on Saturday and we measure 0.33 seconds in youtube from the time the ball leaves his foot to the time it hits the back of the net. Was it 0.33 seconds in real life too or are there variations ?