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2014 The Year that will make or break my betting......

will Update the scores later, ive just had a text in from a pal in Dublin saying that there are 2 great bets to be had today according to his mate who is allegedly a full time punter.......

Anyway I will post them here just as a matter if interest, I don't not advise backing them, I don't know the gut that well byt its always interesting to see how red hot tips go

4.35 back off mate
5.10 easy vic
Been so busy of late

a very good week for me last week with this but no tinternet due to move !

7.50 BEAT THE TIDE 3/1


hello young Frank,hope all fine with you and your family and the move went as planned,tbh,after watching the Brazil/Mexico footy,I thought you'd been out there training the Mexican goalie :) :dance2:
just a thought,you say you had a good week with this last week,to keep records up to date,why not put the results and updated P/L on here,rumour has it that you're an honest chap:dance2:laters mate and,as ever, G/L :drinks:
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I appreciate that Mr Hayze but I would then be know as a backfitter ! :oops: lol

no its ok I will keep the records straight from here, next thing you know I will be playing with my filters (matron) and finding I could have made millions all along

Hope you are well and off to spend my afternoon at Chepstow
aint been posting my picks for a while, and thank flip for that I hear you say, I have decided I just cant be arsed anymore, nuff said I will chip in where I can but I have put to much pressure on myself and I dont like it simple as that nuff said. I will probably always be a punter but for fun and enjoyment rather that trying to be bertie big bollox.

I like the dogs, I like the top weights in handicaps and I like als system but its not what floats my boat in life so I am just going back to my old way of enjoying a hobby.

better to have tried and failed than never to have tried and I can say I am 100% honest and sound and not skint :boast:

I will tinker with the all weather on here so I can post something constructive so until next time chow mein all

Life's too short to get bogged down mate.
Like your honesty & your life philosophy.
Hope you settle in to your new home soon and all is well.
Take care


Fair play to you mate - at least you gave it a go , which is more than most (including myself) !!!

All the best, hope to see you soon

Take care



It's not an easy game that for sure Frank.
I think its a dream for a lot of punters to go full time but it then stops being fun and the pressures start to mount.
All the Best


Hi Frank !

Good on you trying mate!

Maybe you began with too large a bank? Alot of pressure when it is all your own cash!

Might have helped to start with a grand and build up, so was using winnings?

Only a thought as sad to see you finish!

You are a true gent, good luck to you mate!


apologies in advance if I'm well out of order Frank,this is not my intention,but I am in your corner...
When you told us of Al's story,as you know,it struck a chord with me as my own Dad, God Bless him,had a major problem with gambling,with Al of course,he eventually got everything into perspective and became very rich in many ways,without depending on any income from betting.
We know Al was successful,but I understand hesitant at first to allow his selections to be put forward for consideration on here,primarily because he didn't want to feel responsible in any way for members getting in too deep,in fact,as I understand,make/break,shit/bust was totally alien to him at this stage,and,if I'm totally honest,I think that this could be part of his success,a no pressure scenario may have helped in the selection process,and in this respect,perhaps the very nature of this thread could be counterproductive,a corner talk suggestion would be lower stakes and build,Cheers mate.
rather than being a failure with this Frank,I'd say it was one of,if not the best so far of your successes.
I've quoted my previous post to reiterate my thoughts on the concept of the thread,and will add but two further thoughts,one,I'm sure you have made Al extremely proud of you,and two,I'll always be in your corner:drinks:


Same from me Franktheform Franktheform i wish you well, i was a pro for many years but is just a hobby for me now, not so brave either, and racing is much harder now also. I use to put a £1000 on sometimes, scares the life out of me now to even think of it, but was fun at the time at least for me, mayb i needed that arousel jag at the time as well.
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